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13 Color Themes For A Spring Wedding

Monday April 7th 2014

Today, a bride has countless choices when it comes to a color theme for her spring wedding. For instance, if she is partial to blue, she has at least a dozen shades of blue that she can incorporate into her wedding ceremony and reception. In the course of my event planning work, I've seen brides come up with some lovely color themes for their weddings. I thought I would use this week's blog to highlight some of the most popular colors for spring weddings. Enjoy!

13 Color Themes for a Spring Wedding

  1. Turquoise: This is an ideal spring wedding theme color because it is as vibrant and lively as the season itself! Some brides choose this color for their bridesmaids' dresses and jewelry. Also, turquoise is a perfect choice for the tablecloths and cloth napkins at a wedding reception.

  2. Coral: A bride may want to incorporate coral-colored flowers in her bridal bouquet as well as in the groom's boutonniere. Chairs in the reception hall as well as pews in a church look elegant when decorated with coral sashes.

  3. Lavender: I'll admit that I love when my brides choose to include lavender in their spring wedding theme. It just happens to be my favorite color. I've seen brides scatter sprigs of lavender across the tables at their wedding reception. Setting lavender-colored candles on the tables is another attractive touch. I have even seen wedding reception tables featuring lavender-colored napkins tied with ribbon.

  4. Yellow: A bride can't go wrong when she selects yellow as the color theme of her springtime wedding. She can incorporate this color into her own wedding ensemble by putting yellow flowers in her hair, wearing yellow sandals, or trimming her wedding veil in yellow. She may want pale yellow flowers in her bouquet and flowers in a darker shade of yellow for the vases on her reception tables. This color offers a bride plenty of options.

  5. Light Blue: This is a more traditional choice for a springtime wedding but is still very popular. A wedding cake decorated with light blue trim is a beautiful sight on a cake table. A light blue boutonniere looks stylish on the lapel of a best man's jacket. The bride's bouquet and the flower girl's dress are just a couple other places where this color looks lovely.

  6. Dark Purple: Lots of brides choose this color because it reminds them of royalty. Dark purple ribbon is a fabulous choice for tying small bouquets of flowers. Chair sashes and table cloths in dark purple are also standouts at a wedding reception.

  7. Pink: Whether it's light pink or a darker shade of the same color, a bride can go wild with this color theme. Pink sashes for the church pews, pink vases for flowers, and pink floating candles for the wedding reception tables are just a sampling of the things a bride can do with this lively color!

  8. Royal Blue: Bridesmaid dresses in royal blue are ideal because this color flatters practically any figure. Royal blue tulle fabric also looks lovely draped across the ceiling of a reception venue.

  9. Apple Green: A bride who chooses apple green for her spring wedding theme has tons of choices when it comes to the foods she serves. Of course, she can serve desserts that include green apples. She can also have refreshing drinks at her reception such as green apple martinis, green apple juice, and green apple punch.

  10. Rose Gold: Think of a rose color and add some shimmer. Tablecloths, cloth napkins, and chair coverings of rose gold are a stunning addition to a wedding reception. If the lighting in the reception venue is just right, these decorations will glow and sparkle!

  11. Dark Blue: Dark blue is an elegant color that is great for bridesmaids' dresses, shawls, and flower girl dresses. This is a great color that is also readily available.

  12. Orange: This is a standout color for brides who love little details like orange wraps for the bridesmaids as well as bracelets and necklaces with orange embellishments. There are plenty of beautiful orange flowers that can go into the bridal bouquet.

  13. Rainbow: Some brides don't limit themselves to one color for their spring wedding. And, I ask you, why should they? A bride may have each bridesmaid wear a dress in a different color. Or she may decorate her wedding reception hall in all of her favorite bright colors. She makes her special day more memorable as a result.

Good wishes for your spring wedding. Cheers! - Sophie

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Wedding Tips
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