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The 11 Biggest Proposal Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Thursday November 7th 2013

Some people think that all of the work of a wedding planner begins after the man has proposed and the woman has accepted.

This is not always the case. As an event planner who handles weddings, I get lots of phone calls from men who want advice on how to go about proposing to their girlfriend in a unique way. One of the things I tell them is to keep their focus on the woman. What sort of marriage proposal would she enjoy and remember for years to come? Lots of clients have shared their marriage proposal stories with me. I've heard about what went right and what went wrong. This week, I'm going to share 11 proposal mistakes that are easy to avoid.

11 Easily Avoidable Marriage Proposal Mistakes

  1. Consider the Elements-If a man plans on proposing to his girlfriend outdoors, he should take a look at the weather report for that day. He may plan to take her to a park bench and get down on one knee to pose the big question. This scene isn't quite so romantic if lightening is flashing in the background or a hard rain is falling on their heads.
  2. Letting the Cat Out of the Bag-It's nice that a man wants to share the details of his proposal plan with friends. But, it's unwise to tell too many people. The more friends he tells, the more likely it is that someone will let the secret slip in front of his girlfriend.
  3. 'Oops, Forgot the Ring' -In some cases, a man is so thorough in making his plans for an awesome marriage proposal that he forgets the basics. For example, after setting up dinner reservations and arranging for the wait staff to be in on the secret, he walks out of the house without the engagement ring. Unfortunately, that's one thing that is irreplaceable when it comes to making a proposal!
  4. A Man Without a Plan-Mistakes can occur when a man has only a vague idea of how he is going to propose. For instance, he may leap into proposal mode in a restaurant only to be interrupted several times by servers. Or, their favorite restaurant may be very crowded on that particular evening and she can't hear his proposal over the noisy diners. With a little planning, these challenges can be avoided.
  5. Know the Answer Before Asking the Question- A man who falls head over heels for a woman may feel that the relationship is a lot farther along than it actually is. He should have strong indications that his girlfriend will accept his marriage proposal before he even begins to make plans. The answer no is embarrassing and hurtful particularly if he makes the proposal in public.
  6. Choosing the Right Time- This is a mistake that some men make in their haste to get the proposal over with. For instance, if a man knows that the first 14 days of December are a particularly busy and stressful time at work for his girlfriend, he should avoid making his proposal during that time. Make the proposal when she is feeling less overwhelmed by other things in her life.
  7. Know the Preferences of Your Bride-to-Be- One of the best proposal tips I can offer a man is to keep his girlfriend's preferences in the forefront of his mind. A man may love softball and think it would be great to propose to his girlfriend on the playing field in front of an audience at a game. But, maybe his girlfriend is shy and doesn't like crowds. Chances are, she wouldn't enjoy such a public marriage proposal. Go with an idea that fits with her personality.
  8. Remember the Details- Putting a wonderful marriage proposal plan into action only works if a guy remembers the details. He may want to take her to an Italian bistro for dinner and ask the big question at their favorite table. It's a great idea until they arrive to see a large crowd of diners waiting for tables in the lobby. If he'd made reservations, he could have avoided this scenario.
  9. No Backup Plan- This is one of the most important proposal tips to know. The proposal plans of many men have gone up in smoke because they didn't have a backup plan. A clever groom-to-be knows how to make adjustments. He may plan to take his girlfriend to dinner at her favorite restaurant for the proposal. A few hours beforehand, she calls him from her office saying that her boss needs her to stay late to work on an important project. As a backup option, he decides to pick her up at work later that night and take her to an all-night diner. He makes his proposal there.
  10. Don't Forget to Ask for Secrecy-A man may have the really fun idea of renting out an ice skating rink and proposing to his girlfriend as they skate. The only problem is that the guy who gives the couple their skates at the rental counter congratulates the both of them. He doesn't know that the proposal hasn't taken place yet. When planning an elaborate proposal like this, it's best to ask the manager or owner of an establishment as well as the staff, for complete secrecy.
  11. Consider the Date -A man who wants to propose to his girlfriend should do a little research on the date. For instance, he may not want to ask on the anniversary of her beloved grandmother's death or on any other date that reminds her of a sad event. A man wants his marriage proposal to rule the day.

Keep these considerations in mind and you should be able to steer clear of mistakes that can throw cold water on your marriage proposal plans. Cheers!-Sophie

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Wedding Tips
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