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Summer Time Flowers

Thursday July 12th 2012

Summer comes in tune with colorful spectacles of flowers and blooms. This season marks not only a parade ofSunflowers wet suits and water sports, but also the prevalence of flower arrangements featuring blossoms with astonishingly vibrant colors that you're sure to come across throughout your summer vacation this year at barbeques and other events.

Roses are one of the most popular summertime flowers. They are considered a woody perennial and are omnipresent in the celebration of summer every year. Roses are often combined with ethereally striking lilies. These two flowers blend together to make a stunning sun catcher, especially when placed by a window.

And when it’s the heat of the sun that claims fame during the season, sun flowers are never to be outdone.  Florists love these summertime flowers for their lovely, large heads and thick stems that make them sturdy and long lasting. As such, they are often donned by warm homes and are also used to send to loved ones for birthdays, and other summertime outings.

Alstroemeria is also a crowd favorite because of the varied shapes, sizes, and beautiful and unique colors. Weddings are typically made more romantic with these flowers around, especially when they are placed in decorative vases.  Resorts, restaurants, hotels, and receptions housing several occasions also become far from being daunting to decorative. With this being said, the abundance of blooms during the season makes it easy for you to say everything with flowers.

Flowers Always Make a Delightful Surprise

For now, you should be content by giving your loved one the most delightful floral surprise. Many underestimate the time and care needed when selecting a bouquet for another person. At Avas Flowers®, all of our bouquets are prepared and feature different arrangements and floral combinations.

Take your time studying them as each arrangement is designed to evoke a special emotion from your recipient.  Whether it’s romantic or filial love that you want to express, flowers from Avas Flowers® will make sure that your special someone would understand your feelings.

Flowers speak a special language of their own, and if words currently fail you then why not let the most beautiful blooms express your feelings instead?  Yellow is a popular color in the summertime, and it may also be the perfect choice for your bouquet if there is someone whose spirits you wish to lift up.

Excellent Summertime Flower Ideas

The Bright Sunshine Bouquet from Avas Flowers® features yellow blossoms of the loveliest kinds. In the language of flowers, yellow blooms represent friendship and joy as well as inspire feelings of lightheartedness in your recipient.

The Sunsplash Mixed Bouquet, on the other hand, feature popular summertime colors such as pink, yellow, and orange. Noticeable in this creation is the inclusion of pink roses, which express a gentler form of admiration that’s suitable for the sweetest and most caring persons in your life.

Summertime is indeed the season of flowers and with the help of the most exquisite creations from Avas Flowers®, you will finally have the perfect way of letting your loved ones know how much you care.

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Comments & Ratings

Summer Time Flowers carmela zelaya 4 stars 2012-07-13 19:38:21 It's a season for colors and blooms! I agree with all the stuff you wrote though for me, well, roses are always good all year round, and I find i ordinary. I think what we should watch for are the colors of these roses that would make one's summer memorable! In addition to this article, orange, hot pink, aqua blue, apple green, and any bright and striking colors would be perfect!

Summer Time Flowers MIA 3 stars 2012-07-13 19:44:19 I checked the arrangements you've suggested on this article, of course from your own website too, and I find them pretty nice. Actually, your Sunsplash Mixed Bouquet is a champion! I hope this looks exactly the same with the actual product, well,I might order this one, any day from today to find that out. And by the way, this is my first time using your shop so I my expectations are high for your assistance and service.

Summer Time Flowers Zach 3 stars 2012-07-13 19:49:56 My wife is a flower enthusiast. I will recommend this to her. She has a blog spot dedicated for flowers, she might review you and if you meet her taste, she might recommend you to all her networks which I believe very beneficial to you. So far, I find your article sensible though the information are common knowledge already.

Summer Time Flowers Federico Estacio 4 stars 2012-07-16 18:38:43 Flores de verano son brillantes!

Summer Time Flowers lori dacanay 3 stars 2012-07-16 18:48:55 i have a small garden behind our home and we breed different types of blooming plants and i agree with you that summer is really the time for these gorgeous flowers! aside from they paint my surrounding, gardening has been my children's long time summer camp. instead of sending them to other camps in other places, being away from me for certain period of time, getting too worried, i've decided to design this activity for them. it's like hitting 3 birds with one stone! they are learning, exploring and i am able to have long hours of bonding with them which actually made this whole thing really special. i suggest this to all parents out there!

Summer Time Flowers dori 2 stars 2012-07-19 21:57:06 it's actually great to know that summer is the best season to enjoy flowers but it is more frustrating to experience their short lives due to the extreme heat! i am really sad with this concern and i can't do anything! do you have articles? tips? or any links about prolonging the life of flowers during this terrible temperature or at least the measures on how to take care of them? PLEASE.it isn't fair to enjoy the flowers for a matter of 1-2days!!!

Summer Time Flowers Ms. Little 3 stars 2012-07-23 23:06:08 Hi Avas! I have browsed through your website and I find all your arrangements really pretty! I am getting married next month! It's crazy I know! So we are all in rush for the preparations so I would like to know if you can assist me on the most special day on my life. Please contact me ASAP here in the email address I've used. Thanks in advance! More power Avas!

Summer Time Flowers Clark Norton 3 stars 2012-07-26 21:38:55 I am planning to send my girlfriend an arrangement that is really colorful, cheery and festive. For your information, she just cam back from their summer camp (well, she is a drama teacher, pretty cool huh?!) So just to welcome her back and at the same time let her feel how I miss her terribly and to congratulate her too with her craft. Could you please contact me ASAP and let us proceed with this transaction? Thank you A.F.!

Summer Time Flowers Farlin G 5 stars 2012-08-08 23:16:56 You have made our summer more memorable and colorful! The flowers that we ordered from you guys were delivered and were beautiful! Very efficient considering we were ordering from the South Africa to the United States. Great that we could share in the celebration on the birth of our nephew/ grandchild, even from a far, though flowers!

Summer Time Flowers freda 2 stars 2012-08-13 18:40:18 the summer season is almost over... :(

Summer Time Flowers Gotmar 4 stars 2012-08-17 16:41:53 I have browsed through your website and I must say that you have the most phenomenal choices of flower arrangements. I have recommended your link to my friends.

Summer Time Flowers Aiden 3 stars 2012-08-20 20:02:14 One of the reasons why I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Summer Time Flowers Sandi Winters 3 stars 2012-08-29 23:36:27 BELIEVE ME, I LOVE SUMMER DESPITE MY WHAT MY LAST NAME SUGGESTS! LOL!