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Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Monday June 4th 2012

Father's Day is an American tradition where we spend the day honoring what it means to be a good father.  The holiday dates back to the early twentieth century and was most likely created to contrast the ever popular Mother's Day. 

Sausage and Cheese BoardFrom the influence of father's on children, to the importance of fathers in our society, this June 17th show the man that helped bring you into this world a little appreciation with a thoughtful gift tailored to his liking.

If you're looking for the perfect gift come this Sunday, you have undoubtedly come to the right place. No matter what types of things that your father enjoys, we're sure that we have something that he will love and appreciate.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

This year we have selected items such as the Mixed Starbucks Sampler for the avid coffee enthusiast complete with fresh delicious Italian biscotti and several unique grounds of coffee this thoughtful gift basket is guaranteed to please any Starbucks fanatic. 

Another great gift idea specifically designed for Dad to show how greatly he is appreciated is the Blooming Beer Mug. Blooms of beautiful flowers overflow out of the top of a beer mug topped with acrylic rocks symbolizing his the favorite beer of your father.

One last great Father's Day idea that no father can possibly say no to includes the Avas® Flowers Fruit and Cheese Box.  This wonderful arrangement of fresh fruit and delicious cheeses is perfect for not only your father but for the whole family as well. Everybody loves fruit and what better way to tell your father that you want him around for as long as possible than with a gift basket full of his favorite cheeses and fruits?

Available Options for Father's Day

So whatever kind of father you have, we've got great Father's Day gift ideas that you're sure to love. With all of the options that we have available that allow you to give a gift of fresh fruit, coffee, or beautiful plant and novelty flower arrangements to your father, there are many ways here that are sure to please your dad.

Surprise him with an unexpected and enjoyable gift of chocolates or surprise him with a bouquet of his favorite flowers. That's right, guys like flowers too. And if you feel like your father might like something else more then have look around and find something special for Dad this Father's Day.

Posted by Justin Cerciello in Flowers Gift Ideas

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Comments & Ratings

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day Eleonor R. 4 stars 2012-06-12 12:13:24 It's so funny to know that Father's day was created to compete with Mother's day! LOL! Well, for me, daddies deserve the same thing too. By the way, this blog is so brilliant! Most of us are having hard time finding gifts for our fathers! Seriously, thinking gifts for men is harder over our biology class in college. LOL! What I liked the most from your suggestions is the blooming beer mug. I really never thought that a I can actually send flowers to men! You did a really great job. You were able to create a unique arrangement and new image for flowers. I like the way you represented the beer with acrylic rocks. Now, I won't panic on what to give y pop this Sunday! Thanks a bunch Avas.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day amanda 4 stars 2012-06-15 13:53:05 Wow this is great! I don't have to worry that much now for Sunday! Can't wait 'til this day come and see my father's reaction for what I send him!

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day Ariel L. 5 stars 2012-06-18 17:46:27 BIGTIME THANKS AVAS!!! MY FATHER IS SO HAPPY YESTERDAY! I OWE THIS TO YOU! I WILL NOW BE A LOYAL BUYER!

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day Resty W. 5 stars 2012-06-21 14:16:31 This year's Father's Day was extra special. It's my first time to receive flowers from my kids! It is really overwhelming.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day Fabri 4 stars 2012-09-09 01:00:11 A basket of asotsred fruit, wrapped in cellophane with a bow, is a classic gift. However, if you know their exact preferences in fruit, you can buy a smaller basket, some Easter grass, and some cellophane gift wrap at the supermarket. Select just the kinds of fruit they like, that won't spoil before it can be consumed. Wrap up the basket of fruit, tie it off with a twisty tie or a bread wrapper tag, add a bow and a nice little card, and voile0!Mailing: At the post office they always ask, Does this package contain anything dangerous, fragile, or perishable? They don't want to get blamed for the contents arriving in bad shape, which could easily happen if the package gets tossed around or delayed. If UPS or mailing is the only way you can get the gift package to their house, maybe you should re-think the fruit idea.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day Jorge W. 5 stars 2012-10-31 12:52:29 I have been getting something similar to this product for my father for almost three years now and never have I seen one for such a low price! I ordered this for my father about a week ago and although he wasn't very surprised with the product itself, he sure was surprised with the sure size of the arrangement. It's the biggest I have ever see and it was also the cheapest!