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How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant

Wednesday September 7th 2011

Orchid PlantTaking care of an orchid plant is sometimes thought of as difficult. Some may feel that they can not grow these flowers in their home. This is a common misconception as they are very easy to grow.

By following a few simple tips, any plant will grow and bloom better. These tips are ideal for those new to caring for orchids at home. They may also be used by those who are more experienced with plants.

An Orchid Plant Requires Special Care

The orchid plant is one that does require some special care at home. Without it, the blooms may fade, or may refuse to reappear on plants. This makes it important to pay close attention to plant conditions.

Special care does not mean that this plant is harder to care for. It simply means that a few key things must always be looked after. These things include soil moisture, as well as available humidity.

By monitoring these things, it is possible to grow orchids easily. With experience, it is possible to grow them in an office at work. This creates an opportunity to get much needed color while at work.

Learn The Top Orchid Plant Care Tips For Home

One of the most important tips for orchid care is to watch the light. Too much or too little sunlight can cause the plant to wither or die. The lighting should also be adjusted depending on the growing cycle.

During peak growing cycle, diffused sunlight is crucial to growth. Indoors, this typically means an east facing window when possible. This will provide ample light while protecting plants from the sun.

Direct sunlight should never be allowed to touch leaves or petals. Too much direct sun can cause petals to wilt or brown and fall off. The leaves may likewise scorch or begin to die after too much sun.

Good moisture is another one of the top orchid plant care tips. This includes both soil moisture as well as the humidity for plants. These factors can be controlled through one of several methods.

To control humidity, a small pebble tray is typically added to pots. This tray is placed underneath the pot and filled with small pebbles. Water is then added to the halfway point to create more humidity.

Whenever the water levels look low, more water should be added. This water is in addition to the necessary watering the orchids need. A light misting from a sprayer is often sufficient for moist soil.

Keep An Orchid Alive And Blooming Longer

After giving the orchids sun and water, they will begin to grow. Many may come with blooms already in place, such as the phalaenopsis. This common blooming houseplant is typically sold already blooming.

To keep blooms flourishing, a fertilizer should be added regularly. Special fertilizers have been designed to keep orchids healthy. These should be added about every week when it is flowering.

A regular fertilizer schedule will encourage stronger blooming. Caution should be taken to avoid over-fertilizing plants, however. Too much fertilizer can lead to wilting, scorching or rotting.

When looking to buy orchid plants online, look for healthy blooms. Our reputable growers provide orchids that are colorful and healthy. This ensures that every gift orchid is delivered in top condition.

Posted by Rene Rodriguez in Orchid Plants

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How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Harrison Tucker 5 stars 2011-10-14 14:11:21 I never realized it was as simple as this. With such an exotic look you think it'd be difficult!!

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Lauren Morice 5 stars 2011-12-21 15:03:22 This is great information. I always thought taking care of orchids was hard to do. No wonder my orchid died so quickly.

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Cristina G 3 stars 2012-01-12 20:25:19 This the exact information that I was looking for. I received an orchid recently and it was so beautiful. The only problem is that I didn't know how to take care of it until now.

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Stacy 5 stars 2012-03-08 17:09:16 You cannot believe how much this information helped me. My orchids where always dying on me and now I realize everything that I was doing wrong.

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Chloe Price 4 stars 2012-06-12 12:52:04 I have always been a fan of orchids but I never took a step to actually grow one primarily because I find these flowers so delicate! But now that I've read this, I will visit a flower shop tomorrow and have one. Hooray! Thanks for enlightening me!

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Claire Sy 4 stars 2012-06-19 13:00:41 Can you name any type of fertilizer that is best for orchids? That would be a great help to me. Thanks.

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Augusta Morris 4 stars 2012-06-25 20:41:51 I have read your article last month and it did motivate me to grow orchids and look at my garden now, filled with beautiful and exquisite orchids. Thanks to your helpful and informative blog. Count on me, I will spread the word.

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant dylan 5 stars 2012-07-03 18:02:30 Orchids are the jewels of environment! So dainty!!! <3

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Charice P 3 stars 2012-07-20 21:00:11 ORCHIDS = NATURE'S GEMS :D

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How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant orchid flowers 5 stars 2012-08-07 21:50:00 Great Blog! I am new to Orchids and just love them. I just made my first purchase today and I changed the media from some type of moss to fir bark. The Orchid is in bloom so I hope they do OK. I really enjoyed your blog and I am going to try the humidifing tray. Great tip! I look forward to more blogs in the future. Thanks

How To Take Care Of An Orchid Plant Greta Yu 4 stars 2012-08-10 16:51:13 I ordered your White Imperial Plant and it is exceptionally stunning and upon reading this, I now know how did you guys do it.! Thank you for sharing your secret!

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