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Holiday Poinsettia Plant

Monday December 5th 2011

Holiday Poinsettia PlantOnce the holiday season begins, you are sure to see poinsettias at almost every restaurant, department store, shop, etc. This is a plant that is a reminder that Christmas is around the corner and brings out the Christmas spirit in everyone.

The poinsettia plant is the perfect representation of Christmas and the holidays. There is no mistaking December’s presence with its bright red and green leaves.

About the Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettia’s are one of the most popular plants of the holiday season. You can see them displayed virtually anywhere during this magical time of the year.

Although poinsettia’s are most popular during the holidays, it does not take well to the cold. Believe it or not, this is a tropical plant.

Poinsettia’s are native to Mexico. They typically grown down the pacific coast of Mexico from Sinaloa down to Guatemala.

The most popular color for the poinsettia's bracts, or leaves, are red but they do grow in other colors. They are also available in plum, white, pink, orange, with marbled bracts of pink and white, and also pink speckles on red bracts.

Holiday Origin

The poinsettia received its holiday popularity not only for its festive coloring, but from an old Mexican legend.

This legend is of a young girl whom is growing up in Mexico very poor. She had wanted to present Jesus with a gift to celebrate his birthday.

She had been overwhelmed with sadness realizing that she would not be able to afford a gift for him. This is when an angel had appeared to her and had given her advice.

The angel had told her to collect as many weeds as she could from the side of the road and place them the church’s alter.

In the morning, the young girl had awoken to a wonderful surprise. All the weeds she had gathered form the side of the road had blossomed into a beautiful red and green plant we now know as the poinsettia plant.

Nothing is more appropriate for the holidays than a good story. You can make your poinsettia holiday gift extra special by sharing this beautiful story along with the gift.

Sending Holiday Gifts

Here at Avas Flowers, we take pride in making your Christmas more beautiful with bright and fresh holiday plants. Our poinsettia plants are only the finest and most fresh plants. We settle for nothing less.

Share a poinsettia plant this holiday season with a good friend, a family member far way, or that special someone who is close to your heart. Share the poinsettia plant with its beautiful Christmas story and you are sure to make the holidays this year memorable!

Posted by Danielle Grosin in Holiday Flowers

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Comments & Ratings

Holiday Poinsettia Plant Helena 5 stars 2011-12-06 11:43:35 I always send poinsettias but I did not know all this! The best part was about the legend. Great info

Holiday Poinsettia Plant Rachael 4 stars 2011-12-08 10:58:22 I agree with Helena! I didn't know that poinsettias even came in other colors. I always thought they only came in red, white and pink but not all those other colors.

Holiday Poinsettia Plant Danny Faller 5 stars 2012-11-12 09:55:26 I LOVE poinsettias! They remind me of being home for the holidays. I can't wait to come home and see my mother and my father and they usually put one of these in my bedroom :)