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Wednesday April 11th 2018

Earth Day 2018

Photo contributor: Slava Bowman at Unsplash

“Earth laughs in flowers.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Earth Day, world! March 22nd marks a day to appreciate Mother Earth! If you’re reading this, it means that you want to know how to celebrate Earth Day and tend to our precious home. Haven’t done it before? Let 2018 be the year that you go out, enjoy nature’s gifts and sow what you reap.

Earth Day was founded in 1970 by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson. It was created as an initiative to protect the Earth. It now is observed in 192 countries. Earth Day is now the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year.

Flowers are some of nature’s gifts and appreciating nature is the easiest way to celebrate Earth Day. Share some flowers with a loved one. Let them hold onto a bit of nature. Allow it to be a reminder of all the things the world has to offer.

Photo contributor: Ashim D. Silva at Unsplash

What can you do for the planet?

What’s a great gift for Mother Nature? Like any mother, Earth loves new flowers. Consider planting something native to your state’s climate -- something low maintenance like a succulent -- or be ambitious and plant your favorite harvestable. If you can dedicate the time to tend to a garden or plant something new, Mother Earth will be grateful.

However, if you don’t have the time to plant anything this Earth Day, that’s okay. There are other ways to celebrate.

Turn off the TV! Get outside!

Enjoy the day. Go out and appreciate nature’s offerings. Although this seems obvious, today’s kids spend about 52 hours watching a screen each week. So, taking the initiative to get outdoors is important. We recommend you go out on a hike, get some exercise and take in the views. Learn to appreciate what is typically taken for granted.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Learning about climate change and renewable energy allows people to be proactive in preserving the Earth’s natural resources. It wouldn’t be an Earth Day blog if we didn’t tell you to reduce, reuse and recycle. There are many things one can do in one’s daily routine to significantly improve the conditions of the environment. To name a few examples: take shorter showers, carpool to work or use public transportation, invest in a reusable coffee thermal. Simple solutions like these help expand the world’s life cycle.  

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Posted by Yvette Irvin, Regalix in Special Occasion
Monday March 19th 2018

6 Popular Easter Flowers and What they Symbolize

Photo contributor: Gary Bendig

Easter, the celebration of rebirth, is upon us! As your family embarks on the search for Easter eggs, look around and take in nature’s gifts. There are so many Spring plants traditionally associated with the Easter Season. Here’s a look at some of our favorites along with the symbolism behind them.

White Easter Lilies

Photo Contributor: unknown

The quintessential Easter flower is, of course, the Easter Lily. White water lilies are trumpet-shaped white flowers. They are symbolic of purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life, which makes them the go-to flower of Easter.


Photo Contributor: Krystina Rogers

Tulips are a classic Spring bloom. They are often called the harbingers of Spring, as they are among the first flowers to bloom. Spring flowering bulbs such as the tulip seem to come back from the dead, which is one reason they are associated with Easter. They have a unique bell-shaped blossom that resembles the spherical shape of an Easter egg.


Photo contributor: Kris Atomic

Daisies are small delicate flowers often blooming in white or yellow colors. Daisies are thought of as the floral archetype and are often the first thing children learn to draw. Daisies symbolize purity, innocence, gentility and loyalty. This flower can be found growing wild on grassy fields and will likely be cradling hidden Easter eggs during your egg hunts.


Photo contributor: unknown

Azaleas are evergreen shrubs with generous flowers growing in many colors including white, pink, salmon, lilac, purple and red. They are interpreted as having many different meanings, but the most relevant Easter meaning is, “caring for the family and self.” It’s no wonder these are associated with the lovely family gathering of Easter.


Photo contributor: unknown

Daffodils, along with other floral bulbs, are symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. These are also known as “Lent lilies” in England because of their long association with Lent.


photo contributor: unknown

There is nothing quite like the sweet scent of hyacinth flowers. Another early Spring-blooming bulb, the hyacinth can be given as a potted bulb and be planted in the garden after the blooms die. They come in pink, yellow, white and shades of purple, which are also the classic colors of Easter. You will see them widely available in stores in the Spring. In the language of flowers, the hyacinth represents sport or play, while the blue hyacinth means constancy.

Which ever bloom you choose this year, we hope you and your family have a fantastic Easter!

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Posted by Ava's Flowes in Special Occasion
Thursday February 12th 2015

23 Valentine's Day Love Quotes to Make Her Swoon

Photo via maf04 (Flickr)

This Valentine's Day, along with the flowers, candies, and gifts, why not add a personal touch? There is nothing like the power of words, whether written or spoken, to make their heart flutter. Don't worry if you can't work magic with words: Some of the world's best writers have already done it for you. All you have to do is choose a quote that describes how you feel, and there are plenty to choose from. Cover the house in notes of quotes! Leave a romantic quote on their pillow or in their car; tuck some verses in with the flowers you send. Better yet, I recommend whispering some of these quotes to your special someone at the end of a romantic evening to show that you cared enough to commit the words to memory. I have compiled some of the most romantic quotes below for your perusal.

Posted by Ava Rose in Special Occasion
Monday June 9th 2014

Gifts Ideas for a Fantastic Father

I believe that the best way to find the perfect gift for Father's Day is to take a few minutes to think about Dad. What does he enjoy? What are his interests? What has he always wanted to do? By focusing on your father, you're sure to come up with a thoughtful gift that he will appreciate. Consider a few of these ideas for Father's Day gifts. You may find one that has your dad's name written all over it!

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Special Occasion
Friday May 2nd 2014

How To Host The Best Brunch Using These 4 Tips

Hosting a Sunday brunch is a pleasant way to celebrate the day with close friends. Furthermore, I'm a firm believer that a host should have just as much fun as their guests. So I thought I'd offer a few tips on how to host a stress-free brunch. Enjoy!

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Special Occasion
Wednesday February 12th 2014

14 One Of A Kind Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The best advice I can give to someone who's looking for a gift on Valentine's Day is to take the time to consider the recipient's tastes and interests; a thoughtful gift giver can never go wrong!

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Special Occasion
Friday October 11th 2013

9 Thoughtful Gifts for National Boss Day

Every October, I get a few phone calls from friends and others who want some suggestions on what to give their boss for National Boss Day on October 16th. The first thing I tell them is to sit down and think about what their boss is interested in. Perhaps he or she loves art, sports, music or books. If someone tells me that his or her boss loves artwork from the Impressionist era, then I suggest looking for a Monet print at an art shop. Sometimes I tell my friends to think of the habits of their boss. For example, perhaps someone's boss is always trying to find a clean place to put her purse while she is in the office. She doesn't like to put her handbag on the ground and doesn't want to take up space on a chair or on her desk. I suggest that this person make a purse clip for her boss' desk. It's both a practical AND a thoughtful gift on National Boss Day. The boss may even give her an extra thought around bonus time, but, of course, I offer no guarantees on that! Here are some gift ideas worth consideration.

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Special Occasion
Wednesday September 11th 2013

Funeral Practices in the Jewish Faith

As an event planner, I help individuals to plan both happy and solemn gatherings. Though helping to plan a funeral is a sad undertaking, I believe every effort should be made to honor the deceased individual and respect his or her faith. A funeral for someone of the Jewish faith has its own traditions and customs. In this week's blog, I thought I'd share some Jewish funeral traditions with you.

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Special Occasion
Tuesday August 27th 2013

National Grandparents Day: Show Gram & Gramps How Much You Care

I love to plan all sorts of events, but National Grandparents Day celebrations are a special favorite of mine. It's nice to see families honor their grandmothers and grandfathers on this special day. I always ask my clients about the preferences of the people they want to celebrate. For instance, do the grandparents enjoy large parties with lots of friends or, do they prefer small, informal gatherings? I want to make sure that the grandparents will have a great time at their September celebration. So this week, I'm sharing a few of my ideas for Grandparents Day celebrations that are sure to please both grandma and grandpa.

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Special Occasion