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Tuesday March 12th 2019

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Prom

There’s so much to think about and plan for with prom or homecoming. You’ve got the outfits, the dinner, and of course, the flowers. If you’re not sure whether you need a corsage or a boutonniere - or what these even are - we’re here to help.

First off, let’s go over a quick definition. A corsage is a flower display worn on the wrist by the girl. Her date buys this for her. A boutonniere is a single flower worn on the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket, and is bought by his date. Here’s how to buy the perfect corsage or boutonniere.

Know Your Color Scheme

The very first step to buying a wrist corsage is knowing the color scheme. What color dress is your date going to be wearing? If you don’t want to ask her directly, her friends will likely know. Choose a color that matches. For example, if she’s wearing a red dress, a red rose will match nicely. If the dress is multicolored, you can choose one of the colors and bring it out with the corsage. For example, maybe the dress is a multicolored blue, green, and white. You could bring out the blue by choosing a blue flower. If you’re not sure, white is always a classic choice. Corsages come with embellishments and adornments, so your other option is to choose a white flower and use the embellishments to add some color. You can even match these to your date’s personality.

Make a Custom Corsage

Feeling creative? Try making your own corsage, either on your own or with the help of a florist. You can create something totally unique that will match you and your date’s outfits and personalities. You’ll want to start out with deciding what kind of flower you want to use. You can’t go wrong with a rose, but if your date has a favorite flower or a favorite color, you can incorporate that into the corsage. Then, choose ribbons, smaller accent flowers, and any other embellishments you’d like, such as pearls.

Choosing a Boutonniere

If you are getting a boutonniere for your date, you will want to pay attention to your date’s outfit. It’s common for someone to choose a boutonniere that matches their date’s tie. Sometimes, couples will have matching boutonnieres and corsages. A single rose is a popular choice.

Plan in Advance

You will want to be sure to order your corsage, boutonniere, and/or flowers well in advance to make sure that they are ready on time. You may be able to order some of these online with quick delivery, but it’s best to know what your options are and start early. Custom arrangements can take up to two weeks to be prepared.


Is it common to also purchase a bouquet of flower for a prom or homecoming date? While it isn’t necessary, some people do opt to give their date a small bouquet of flowers. If you do this, be sure that you have a place to keep them during dinner and the dance. If you’re planning on going straight to the dance, perhaps keep the bouquet for another time. However, if you are meeting your date at their home, they would definitely appreciate a bouquet that they could keep at their home.

A Note About Storage

You’ll want to make sure that your corsage or boutonniere doesn’t wilt. In order to do this, don’t have it delivered too early - the day before or the day of is just fine. Keep it in its box for as long as possible. You will want to store it in the fridge in order to preserve it. In order to keep it looking good throughout the night, spray a flower sealant on it after you put it on. And if you’d like to preserve your corsage after the night is over, place a rubber band right underneath the stems, and hang it upside down in a dark place. This will allow it to dry out, letting you keep your flowers for a long time.

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