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Monday December 24th 2018

Unique Gift Ideas for the Holiday Hostess

Tis the season for holiday parties and celebrations! In between all of the prep work, cooking, cleaning and entertaining - hosting can be almost as exhausting as it is rewarding. This holiday season, show your favorite host or hostess appreciation by surprising them with an extra special thank you.

And if you’re the holiday hostess with the mostest and hosting all of the holiday shindigs, treat yourself to one (or all) of these ideas!

Keep away from direct heat sources

There’s nothing like a crackling fireplace or highly heated home on a cold winter day - especially for your flowers. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can be harmful to your fresh blooms, so be sure to keep your bouquet away from those open flames or radiators.

Freshen up their day with a bouquet of flowers

Because you can be more creative than a bottle of wine. Put a smile on their face with a surprise bouquet of holiday flowers, or if your hostess has a brown thumb, a Christmas cactus might be a safer choice.

Surprise them with a spa day

That special host/hostess deserves some rest and relaxation. Treat them to a day of unwinding in luxury, with a spa gift basket full of spa-tacular goodies - from candles to bath salts to body lotions - delivered straight to their doorstep.

A Day at the Movies

Why not surprise them with a pass to the movies, snacks included?! Alternatively, queue up a few of their holiday favorite movies and winter treats so they can kick back and relax on their favorite armchair.

Start (or end) their day on a sweet note

Does your recipient have a soft spot for home-baked chocolate chip cookies? Or perhaps decadent brownies are their favorite. Make a batch of their favorite dessert - they deserve it! If you’re unable to hand-deliver their treats, consider a gift basket filled with an assortment of their favorite sweet treats.

Clean house, Clean mind

The holiday season paired with party planning can only lead to one thing: a cluttered home and mind. Help the hostess get the cleaning off her plate by lending a helping hand. You can either gather round the family and do it yourself, or scope out one of the many local home cleaning services available.

Give them the Gift of Silence

The holiday season can be a hectic one. Even if the holiday prep is done and the party planning is over, there’s still the day-to-day responsibilities that stay. The best gift you can give your host/hostess is the chance to do absolutely nothing, except relax and appreciate life’s little moments. If they have children, why not volunteer to babysit? Take their partner out for a night so they can have the house to themselves and listen to whatever cheesy holiday tunes they want without judgement. If there’s a dog that always demands attention, take them for a day at the park - remove your recipient of all responsibilities for the day. They will be eternally grateful.

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Tuesday December 18th 2018

12 Days of Family Friendly Christmas Fun

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… twelve holiday-themed activities for me and my family! This holiday season, grab the entire family - the kids, grandkids, favorite family pets - and celebrate with festive fun that’ll make this Christmas one to remember. Here are twelve ideas - think of it as an activity advent calendar. Do one each day leading up to December 25 or all in one go - get celebrating!

Hunt for Holiday Lights

Jump in the car and explore the neighborhood for the hottest holiday lights and decorations! Pack a thermos of hot chocolate to keep cozy, and a playlist full of holiday tunes for the ride.

DIY Christmas Stockings

Stuffing the stockings is only half the fun, this year, let the entire family get in on the fun by planning a day of arts and crafts with DIY stockings.

Holiday Movie Night

How many Christmas movies can you watch in one night? Get your winter pajamas on, prep some popcorn, and pop in your favorites! Take it to the next level by inviting everyone to dress up like characters from their favorite movie or bringing movie-inspired snacks to the showing.

Gingerbread House Building

Have a sweet day of building cool cookie creations with your loved ones. Depending on how many houses are being built, you can invite each participant to decorate a different house on the block! Take it to the next level by making a front yard or garden with frosting (or real flowers if you’re feeling fancy).

Christmas Karaoke

Channel your inner Mariah Carey, grab the mic, and belt out your favorite holiday tunes with a Christmas karaoke session. Build your own collect, print out the lyrics, and let the good times roll!

Sweets for Santa

Satisfy Santa’s sweet tooth with a home-baked treat you made as a family. The adults can make the batter and take care of the oven-related tasks, while kids can help use cookie cutters for the shapes and the icing/sprinkles for decoration. Taste is important, but don’t forget presentation! Decorate Santa’s spread with seasonal cheer; wrap the table in tinsel, add some red sprinkle, or serve it alongside your favorite holiday flowers.

Family Volunteering

Open your arms and hearts this holiday season with a family volunteering experience. From soup kitchens to food collections and banks, there are ways for every member of the family to get involved.

Make your own Tree Ornaments

This year, don’t just decorate the tree with store-bought ornaments - make your own! Scour the web for your favorite kid-friendly Christmas ornament crafts, set up a crafting station and get to it.

Easter Egg Hunt on Christmas

Why should Easter get all the scavenger hunt fun? Set up a Christmas-themed search with a festive twist. Use mini stockings or tiny gift boxes and fill them with a festive treat. You can also make it a scavenger hunt, hiding hints on where the Christmas gifts are hidden - the choice is yours!

Christmas Around the World

Research Christmas traditions around the world, and make this year’s celebration a global one! Some American holiday traditions are even borrowed from other countries - such as poinsettias for Christmas.

Family Photo Shoot

This holiday season is one of the scrap books, and you’ve got the photos to prove it! Organize a family photo shoot with some festive decorations (and snacks, of course). Make some DIY Christmas photo booth props, or make it a themed photo shoot such as Ugly Sweater, Christmas characters, or general holiday cheer. Why not let the youngest members of the family join in on the fun too? Grab an inexpensive disposable camera and let them behind the lens for a few shots. Make this a Christmas tradition and see how their photography skills develop and grow over time!

Holiday Cards for All

Unleash your inner artists with a Christmas card crafting station! Use photos from the family photo shoot, or simply draw, write, add glitter to Christmas cards for friends and extended family! You can also create cards for charity organizations that share the love with those who might not have family to celebrate or exchange cards with.

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Monday October 15th 2018

Halloween Flowers

October is all about Halloween! We can’t wait, and in anticipation of this quickly-approaching holiday, why not begin decorating with Halloween flowers? Using floral centerpieces and bouquets to decorate for Halloween is a wonderful way to showcase your creative talents and add a natural touch to your home.

Use autumn colors and seasonal fall flowers for your home this month! And don’t forget to add spooky accents. Some of the best Halloween flowers are seasonal, in colors of black, orange, yellow, dark red and dark purple.

The sunflower is one of our favorite October flowers! They do an excellent job at brightening up the darkest of spaces; they’re like little bits of sunshine in the home. The French word for sunflower is tournesol, which literally means "turn with the sun", and sunflowers do just that. They capture all the sunrays so you can have them home when the sun isn’t around as much! Ideal for taking shelter from the fall chills.

Chrysanthemums are in season in the garden and they are also always available at florists. They come in all of these Halloween colors naturally except for black. It symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. 

The dahlia is another fall flower that is available in Halloween colors. The perfect seasonal bloom to center a bouquet.

Roses and carnations are classic favorites always available at the florist and they can be dyed in any color you like, even black.  We also have a list of some naturally spooky and bizarre flowers that any Halloween lover will appreciate.

Some of the best October flowers are created by nature and need no further help to be bizarre or spooky. Just look at the bat flower: this nearly-black flower features "wings" like bat wings and long whiskers that make it look like something from an alien planet. Sometimes you can find these plants around Halloween.

Then there is the corpse-scented dark red and black voodoo lily that looks equally strange. The eyeball plant is an annual with flowers that look like yellow and orange eyeballs; it also numbs the mouth in case you have some mad, evil dentists running around your party.

I have to mention carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap, nepenthes, and sarracenias; they may not be flowers, but their spook factor is high. Tuck them amidst some red cockscomb, which resembles a brain, or within some weird octopus orchids or bat-faced cup head. For a more light-hearted flower, choose candy corn vine; the flowers look just like the candy.

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Monday June 11th 2018

Father's Day: Red and White Roses

With Father’s Day quickly approaching on Sunday, June 17th we can’t forget that flowers are a great option to show Dad our appreciation. Did you know that the official flowers for this day are both the red and white rose?

A woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington first initiated Father’s Day in 1909 to celebrate her own father, William Smart. Sonora decided to set Father’s Day in June because that was her father’s birth month. Years later, Calvin Coolidge conveyed his support to make Father’s Day a national holiday. In 1972, the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day every third Sunday of June was established, thanks to Richard Nixon. Father’s Day isn’t only acknowledged in the United States; it is often celebrated in other countries, such as Asia and Canada. Other countries recognize Father’s Day during different times of the year. Belgium and Spain celebrate in March, New Zealand in September and Sweden in November.

Red roses are often worn to honor your father if he is still alive and white roses are worn if your father has passed away. While wearing either rose is a great way to recognize Dad, there are also other ways to incorporate roses while gift-giving for Father’s Day.

Adding a single rose to your father’s gift wrapping would be a simple but meaningful way to make use of roses for this particular holiday. Another way to to show your dad appreciation with roses is to add some petals to breakfast. If you want to go down a home-cooked breakfast route, rose petals are actually edible and would be the perfect decoration to have in his pancakes or morning coffee cake. If your dad is into art why not get him a piece with roses in it? It would be great decor for his office or somewhere around the house.

A final option is simply giving your dad some roses. It doesn’t have to be a full bouquet, but giving your dad flowers would be a choice that he could appreciate, even if it’s not as common as giving your mom flowers for Mother’s Day.

Red and white roses are popular for many occasions. Red roses can represent anything from love to passion. White roses can represent anything from respect to sympathy. Either way, why not include flowers as a way to show your dad that you appreciate him?

(We’d love to see how you use #AvasFlowers to make your special moment extra-special. Share your pictures on social using “#AvasFlowers” for a chance to be featured on our social channels!)

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Monday May 28th 2018

Poppies and Memorial Day

The poppy is more than just an annual, biennial, or part time perennial. The red poppy plays a significant role for both Remembrance Day and Memorial Day. The history behind the meaning of the red poppy is rich and dates back to World War I.

While the key importance is often drawn to remembering those who have fought and died during World War I, it is also a time to recognize not only those who fought, but also those who supported the fallen soldiers during such a destructive time.

During World War l, a soldier by the name of John McCrae was influenced by how tenacious the red poppies of Western Europe were. Because of his inspiration, John wrote the recognized poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’. John’s poem reflected that, despite the devastation around him caused by the war, these red poppies could still survive.

Poppies are now symbolically worn by many, especially in the UK, Scotland and Canada. This tradition started thanks to a woman named Moina Michael. John’s poem inspired Moina to create silk red poppies for others to wear in remembrance of fallen soldiers.

Currently, wearing the red poppy is a great way to show appreciation to those who serve in the military, veterans and all family members. This year there is a poppy wall in the National Mall of Washington D.C. to show appreciation and respect during this Memorial Day weekend. This wall is a memorial that is filled with 645,000 synthetic poppy flowers. The exact number of flowers is suppose to represent every single fallen American during the time of World War l. These flowers that were donated by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion are a great reminder for those in the United States, where red poppies aren’t shown as much compared to the U.K., Scotland or Canada.

So when celebrating Memorial Day today, remember that if you see a red poppy, the history behind it is an abundant and respectable one.

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Monday May 7th 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 13th is right around the corner and that means it’s almost Mother’s Day. In our perfect world, every mom has a bouquet of flowers! Flowers are the perfect gift for every type of mom. Whether you are sending flowers to your mother, step-mother or grandma, flowers are a classic way to make them feel special.

When you need them, you’ll find the perfect flowers here at Avas Flowers. All moms enjoy an attractive floral arrangement. Order some flowers and make her day extra loved.

When choosing from our selection of Mother’s Day flowers, consider the type of flower that you want to send. Different flowers represent different things. You could also pair a bouquet with another small gift to ensure that your mom has everything she needs for her special day.


Our Precious Mom Bouquet is our go-to for that super mom. Whether she’s taking you to practice, making dinner or running errands, this bouquet does the trick. It’s versatile with roses, gerbera daisies, lilies and monte casino asters. But why stop there? Pair this bouquet with a bottle of red wine and make your mother feel even more appreciated.


Let’s not forget about grandma! Our Golden Glow is a bouquet filled with the right amount of cheer to remind your grandmother just how much you care about her. Filled with roses, sunflowers and decorative golden fillers, the Golden Glow is a wonderful gift option. This bouquet would be even more superb with a framed photo of you both. Between the bouquet and the personalized picture frame, you would be set.


All moms deserve to feel special. This is what Avas Flowers is here for. There’s a perfect bouquet for every mother. The You’re an Angel bouquet is filled with delicate colored carnations and white daisies. Simple and elegant is a nice way to show your step-mom that she matters. You could even make this bouquet extra special for her by pairing it with a gift card to one of her favorite places. Flowers and some makeup? Perfect. Flowers and a meal? Even better.

(We’d love to see how you use #AvasFlowers to make your special moment extra-special. Share your pictures on social using “#AvasFlowers” for a chance to be featured on our social channels!)

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Wednesday December 13th 2017

How The Poinsettia Became The Flower of Christmas

Photo via http://ow.ly/iKCr30hd0UM

Poinsettias are a popular favorite around Christmastime. Going to church and seeing red poinsettias with their pots wrapped in shiny green foil makes me feel festive at this time of year. Chances are good that you have a lovely gathering of poinsettias in your home or office already. But have you ever wondered how this distinctive plant became so closely connected with the Christmas season? This week, I took a closer look at the poinsettia and its interesting history, and here's what I found.

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Tuesday December 20th 2016

Plant Guide: Give The Gift Of Green

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I know you won't be a bit surprised when I say that plants make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Houseplants give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which improves air quality. Plus, plants add color and life to any room. Best of all, the recipient of your gift gets to watch it grow and change through the years. This week, I've collected some ideas for giving the gift of green this year.

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Monday December 12th 2016

All About The Holiday Holly

Photo via http://ow.ly/YHGA30739w1

This time of year, I find myself admiring the brilliant red berries on the holly bushes around my neighborhood. I like to sit at my window on cold days watching the robins visit the bushes to enjoy some holly berries. I wanted to learn more about these plants that are so closely connected with Christmas, and here's what I found.

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Monday December 5th 2016

December's Birthflower: The Popular Poinsettia

Photo via http://ow.ly/GUNi306PPN5

I'm sure it will come as no great surprise to you that the poinsettia is December's birth flower. As we move further into the month of December, you're likely to see poinsettias appearing in the windows of homes, in department store displays, and in office buildings, along with dozens of other places. These cheerful plants are a permanent part of the Christmas season. I wanted to learn a little more about this familiar flowering plant, so this week's post is all about the perfectly popular poinsettia. Enjoy!

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