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Wednesday November 14th 2018

Claude Monet’s Flowers

Claude Monet was a genius, an artist, a visionary… but most importantly - a fan of flowers just like us! In honor of this impressionist painter’s birthday on November 14, we’re celebrating him and the flowers that inspired some of his most famous works.

Monet’s Most Famous Flower Paintings:
This Water Lilies (Nymphéas in French) series of almost 250 oil paintings are perhaps some of Monet’s iconic works. They were his main focus during the last 30 years of his life, and were inspired by his flower garden in Giverny, France.

This series is not only widely recognized, but widely beloved, with fans willing to pay top dollar for access to these flower paintings. One particular piece, the Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas, sold for almost 41 million British Pounds in 2008!. Sunflowers were among his most popular and this work accompanied five others to the Impressionist exhibition of 1882. 

Where to see them
pieces from this series are displayed all over the world. Some of the most recognized museums include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the National Gallery in London, and the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

Common Lily symbolism: Purity, devotion

This still life series is comprised of two very themes of sunflowers, one with them depicted laying on the ground; the other with them arranged in a vase. For this series, Monet chose seven different types of sunflowers. Both versions were painted with Monet’s friend and fellow French painter Paul Gauguin in mind.

Where to see them
There are many different versions of these paintings all over the world; some can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, National Gallery in London, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Common Lily symbolism: happiness, adoration, loyalty, friendship

Vase of Peonies
While these works are far lesser-known than Monet’s other flower creations, he painted two versions of this beautiful bloom-inspired still life: one in 1882, and one in 1887.

Where to see them
The Foundation Beyeler in Bâle and in the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo.

Common Lily symbolism:
romance, good fortune, compassion, prosperity

Essential Places to Visit for Monet Fans
Giverny, France: Visit the home and gardens that inspired some of Monet’s most beloved works, including the aforementioned Water Lily series.

Paris, France: The “City of Light” served as the inspiration for many of Monet’s works; be sure to visit the Gare Saint Lazare, the Park Monceau, and the Marmottan Monet Museum.

Le Havre, France: This port city is the inspiration for the painting Impression, Sunrise. Although not one of his most famous works, it was a review of this particular piece that led to the coining of the term “impressionism,” the art movement of which Claude Monet would become the father of.

Rouen, France: This picturesque city is stunning for a visit on its own, but even better for Monet fans thanks to the sculpture of the painter’s bust, which can be found smack in the center of the city square. The Rouen Cathedral also served as inspiration for one of Monet’s stunning series.

Fun Facts about Claude Monet
Fact #1: Monet’s full name was Oscar-Claude Monet; his parents often called him Oscar as his father’s name was Claude.

Fact #2: He spent a lot of time in school making caricatures of his teachers - you never know what those mid-day doodles could lead to!

Fact #3: Monet spent seven years doing military service in Algeria due to a draft. While he had very little time and tools to study his craft during this time period, he shared in an interview that the colors of North Africa “contained the germ of my future researches”

Fact #4: Many of the pieces painted as part of the Water Lilies series were painted while Monet suffered from cataracts.

View Claude Monet's Art at MoMA
Plan a day out with family and friends to see Claude Monet's famous Water Lillies paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and learn more about the most famous painter of flowers in the world.

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Tuesday October 23rd 2018

Halloween DIY: a different way to use pumpkins for durable, floral decor - step-by-step

The best thing about DIY decorations is the fact that you can create something different and unique for every occasion, using your favorite components that are guaranteed to please the eye. It is a method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals.

This Halloween I decided to create a pumpkin centerpiece with flowers in addition to classic pumpkins with carved-out faces. Take a peek at how you can make this fancy decoration on your own, step-by-step. Try out Halloween DIY to accent your decorations.

Start out by preparing everything you’ll need at a comfortable workstation. You’ll obviously need a pumpkin to form the base of your decor. In addition, you’ll need some floral foam and cellophane or a plastic bag. The rest is up to you. Feel free to choose some farm-fresh flowers, whatever is currently growing in your garden (that includes flowers, grasses and herbs) and any dried flowers you can find at home.

I opted for fresh sunflowers, fresh chili peppers and fresh wildflowers I picked during my weekend hike. I’m also using dried hydrangeas. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and structures here; the pumpkin will be able to hold a lot! Make sure you also have a knife, scissors and garden shears at hand.

Start by cutting out the top of the pumpkin and de-seeding it.  

Next you want to cut out a piece of floral sponge that will fit inside the carving.

Soak it generously; the sponge will be keeping all the fresh flowers alive (let the sponge absorb the water on its own).

Before placing it inside the squash, wrap it in cellophane to protect the squash from absorbing the liquid.

Cut out any excess cellophane so it disappears from sight.

Our base is now ready and the fun part can begin: arranging the flowers in the pumpkin. Start with the largest flowers that will form the base of your bouquet and finish with the smallest ones. I’m starting with dried hydrangeas.

Next in line, my largest flowers are the sunflowers. Don’t forget about trimming excess stems with garden shears (we don’t recommend using scissors).

I’m finishing off the centerpiece with chili peppers and wildflowers.

Piping is the final touch that will make your pumpkin decor even more fancy. I totally love the look of this cotton piping on this autumnal arrangement.

Voila! The centerpiece is ready to fancy up any room in your home.

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Tuesday October 9th 2018

21 flowers to mark wedding anniversaries

You may have heard of the silver wedding anniversary, celebrated after 25 years of happy marriage, or the gold wedding anniversary, which marks 50 years of this love bond, but did you know that wedding anniversaries are also marked by specific types of flowers?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a wedding anniversary gift or searching for a way to impress your other half, our comprehensive list will have you covered. Read on to learn which flower represents each anniversary and the symbolism of that flower.

Remember: if you choose your gift wisely, it’s going to be more meaningful, momentous and special!

First Anniversary - Carnation

Traditionally, the carnation was used to express the beginning of love. No wonder it’s the flower of the first wedding anniversary. Carnations have long been representative of young, passionate love.

Second Anniversary - Lily of the valley

These gorgeous flowers symbolize purity and devotion.

Third Anniversary - Sunflower

There’s no better way to celebrate the cheerful occasion of the third wedding anniversary than with sunflowers. They are the symbol of lasting happiness!

Fourth Anniversary -  Hydrangea

Hydrangeas symbolize appreciation and gratitude. Isn’t it precisely what you’d like to express after four years of matrimony?

Fifth Anniversary - Daisy

On the fifth wedding anniversary, gift your loved one some daisies. They stand for loyalty, innocence and faith.

Sixth Anniversary - Calla Lily

It’s a truly elegant and sophisticated flower, and such a graceful way to celebrate the bond you’ve forged over six years. The calla lily represents pure love and growth.

Seventh Anniversary - Freesia

The gift of freesias stands for good spirit and trust; both are vital in an everlasting marriage.

Eighth Anniversary - Lilac

This cheerful flower represents confidence and youthfulness.

Ninth Anniversary - Bird-of-Paradise

The symbol of joy, magnificence and splendor; it’s the perfect analogy to your relationship after 9 years together.

10th Anniversary - Daffodil

A bouquet of daffodils delivered to your other half on the day of your tenth wedding anniversary symbolizes happiness and respect, ideal for another 10 years of your relationship.

11th Anniversary - Tulip

Tulips express elegance and grace. Send your loved one this tender message on your 11th wedding anniversary.

12th Anniversary - Peony

Having spent 12 years together, your relationship certainly becomes more sophisticated. Peony is the flower that symbolizes happy marriage and brings wishes of good life in happiness and health.

13th Anniversary - Chrysanthemum

An expression of abundance and optimism.  

14th Anniversary - Dahlia

Dahlias mean dignity and grace. It’s an elegant gift that foresees exciting moments that are yet to come.

15th Anniversary - Rose

After so many years together, you know each other so well and your love is as sensual as ever. The ultimate symbol of passion and romance commemorates 15 years of marriage.

20th Anniversary - Aster

The aster is the symbol of patience and wisdom, perfect after two decades of marriage.

25th Anniversary - Iris

Celebrate a quarter-century of marriage with irises. This strong and impressive flower stands tall and proud, promising many wonderful memories ahead of you.

28th Anniversary - Orchid

Orchids represent refinement, love and strength. In Chinese culture they symbolize many children, which means the time has come for both of you to relish the fruits of your relationship.  

30th Anniversary - Lily

This gorgeous flower expresses devotion, purity of heart and innocence.

40th Anniversary - Gladiolus

After 40 years of marriage, the sincerity of your bond is clear. Gladiolus symbolizes that sincerity, as well as generosity and remembrance.

50th Anniversary -  Yellow roses

Congratulations on this major milestone! The golden wedding anniversary will be best celebrated with yellow roses. The flower symbolizes inner joy and true love.

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Tuesday August 14th 2018

Flowery essential oils that will help you unwind this National Relaxation Day

With National Relaxation Day coming up tomorrow, we’re giving you the perfect excuse to try some essential oils, which will take R and R to the next level.

I’m sure you’ve heard of aromatherapy before, but have you ever wondered how it actually works? First thing, what is aromatherapy?  It is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being Perhaps you doubt it works at all? It certainly does wonders, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s high time you do.  But before we get down to the gist of this post, here’s a little anatomy lesson that will help convince those hardest to convince.

Aromatherapy starts with the olfactory nerve, responsible for sending sensory information related to smell directly to the brain. The nerve, strategically located deep in your nose, is connected with specific parts of the brain, namely the limbic system and amygdala, which are in charge of our emotions and mood.The two regulate our autonomic nervous system, the one which quickens our breath, increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure when we’re stressed or anxious. The autonomic nervous system also slows the heart rate and relaxes muscle tension.In short, certain smells will stimulate our nervous system - including the parts that are responsible for curbing stress - naturally!

Doesn’t it sound like magic? Check out the list of my favorite floral essential oils that help restore your inner zen.

It’s particularly effective at reducing mild sleeping problems. An evening spent breathing in lavender scent will help loosen up those tense muscles and relieve stress, which is what most of us need after a busy day in the office. It’s one of the least expensive essential oils.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is the flower of a tropical tree called cananga, which is native to Southeast Asia, therefore its odour is more exotic. This oil is known to relieve stress and lift your mood when you’re feeling down as it lowers blood pressure in an instant. It’s sometimes used by therapists working with patients who suffer from depression.


Chamomile is another oil that significantly lowers blood pressure and keeps the nervous system in good balance when used regularly. Relieves stress, convulsions and other hyper-reactions in children and adults.   

Clary sage

Clary sage is actually an herb. Its oil is a powerful stress reliever, one that helps release muscle tension. In addition to those wonderful qualities, it helps keep the hormones in balance, so it’s recommended to anyone who experiences hormonal shifts (yes, this includes menstruating women).  


This is a gorgeous fragrance; one that is a true mood booster. The National Center of Biotechnology Information recently released a study confirming that jasmine essential oil is excellent for fighting anxiety, insomnia, depression and low libido.A hot bath with a few drops of essential oils remains my favorite way to enjoy them. What’s yours?

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Tuesday December 8th 2015

December's Birthflower: The Festive Poinsettia

Photo via http://ow.ly/VD3rp

When poinsettias start to appear in windows all around my neighborhood, I know that the holiday season is in full gear. A bright red poinsettia wrapped in gold or silver ribbon is a must-have for people who love to decorate their homes and businesses in December. So I thought I'd use this week's post to take a more in-depth look at this distinctive plant that seems to be just about everywhere this time of year. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in Anniversary Flowers
Monday November 30th 2015

Green Up Your Cubicle With These Artificial-Light Loving Plants

Photo via http://ow.ly/VrWGs

As winter approaches, many people begin to miss the colorful flowers and plants that disappear with the cold weather. Some people even deal with seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Fortunately, there are many low-maintenance plants you can add to your office space to give the atmosphere a much-needed dose of cheer. For this week's post, I'm highlighting a gathering of appealing plants that need very little sunlight and water. Some of them even help with indoor air quality. Enjoy!

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Friday April 24th 2015

Wedding Flower Trends Of 2015

Photo via http://ow.ly/M48kn

Each spring, I look forward to seeing all of the interesting new trends for the upcoming wedding season. What sorts of colors will be popular this year? What types of flowers will brides use in in their bouquets? All of the fresh, creative ideas serve to inspire me in my own floral designing work. If you're getting married this year or you have a friend who is, you may want to check out some of the trends for wedding flowers in 2015.

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Wednesday February 25th 2015

A Romantic's Guide to Rose Colors and their Meanings

An old and classic love poem by Robert Burns states "my love is like a red, red rose", and this is indeed what most of us automatically think the rose symbolizes; however, there is a rose for most other emotions as well. Roses and specific rose colors have long carried unspoken meanings that symbolize everything from politics to religion to feelings. They have represented goddesses, political factions, kings, queens, brides, and more. They have been the subject of many a poem and painting and are the royalty of flowers. The next time you send someone roses, keep in mind there are a wide array of colors that carry different meanings. Don't limit yourself to just red when another color may voice your emotions better.

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Wednesday April 16th 2014

Personalized Wedding Gifts For The Happy Couple

As wedding season starts to pick up speed, my appointment book begins to fill up with the names of grooms- and brides-to-be who want me to help them plan their weddings. In the course of my work, I've seen my share of blenders, popcorn poppers, and bath towels arranged on the gift table at a wedding reception. I always admire a guest who comes up with a terrific, personalized gift. In my opinion, a personalized present comes with an extra element of thoughtfulness from the giver. If you are planning to attend an upcoming wedding, here are a few personalized wedding gift ideas to consider.

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Tuesday December 6th 2011

8th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

8th  Anniversary FlowersEight years together is a wonderful achievement and deserves a celebration. This year is a celebration of your growing relationship and a reminder of the early days of your love.

The gift for your love of 8 happy years should be a reflection of the love you have for her. Lilacs are symbolic of everything that your anniversary represents. Celebrate with a fragrant bouquet of white and purple lilacs flowers for your eighth anniversary.

Posted by Danielle Grosin in Anniversary Flowers