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7th Anniversary Flowers

Friday December 2nd 2011

7th  Anniversary FlowersYour seventh anniversary is a special occasion which signifies trust and faithfulness in your relationship. Celebrate this memorable day with a beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers for your seventh anniversary!

Your selection of seventh anniversary flowers should reflect the love and trust of your relationship. Sending your loved one a lovely bouquet of freesia is sure to make that wonderful day even more amazing!

Symbolic Meaning

Freesia is a beautiful and fragrant flowers which represents everything about the bond between you and your loved one. Freesia is symbolic of trust and faithfulness.

Freesia is a reminder of love and fidelity through all the seasons. Its long lasting scent is a constant reminder of your love, friendship and commitment.

The blooms of this flower are elegant and delicate, while the stems are sturdy and durable.This is the prefect representation of the strength and beauty of your relationship.

Show her how powerful your love has grown for her and how long lasting it is this anniversary by sending a fresh and fragrant bouquet of freesia.

Romantic Origin

This magnificent flower is native to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Surprisingly, before the 1950’s the freesia flower had not made it’s way over to the western world.

Since then it has gained enormous popularity worldwide. It is now one of the most sought out flowers because of its strong, sweet floral scent and small delicate blooms.

The colors of the flower bloom in white, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, lavender, mauve and bi-colors with a colored throat.

The freesia flower was named after German botanist Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese.

Let Avas Flowers help your celebration of such a momentous occasion with a terrific selection of 7th Anniversary Flowers. Send her a charming and fragrant bouquet to celebrate seven unforgettable years together.

Posted by Danielle Grosin in Anniversary Flowers

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Comments & Ratings

7th Anniversary Flowers Andre P 5 stars 2011-12-05 15:37:50 I never knew that freesia was a romantic flower until now. Great information.

7th Anniversary Flowers Jaquelyn 5 stars 2011-12-22 19:01:12 I love freesia! It is so cute and my husband orders me an arrangement with freesia every year. I had them in my wedding and how I have them every year for our anniversary.

7th Anniversary Flowers Lisa 2 stars 2011-12-30 15:16:50 I have never seen freesia before. I ordered this arrangement that is in the picture and it looked really great when it arrived.

7th Anniversary Flowers Bret 3 stars 2012-01-13 19:10:27 Great advice. This is definitely a new flower that I will be trying soon. Hopefully my wife likes it.

7th Anniversary Flowers Nicholas 4 stars 2012-02-27 20:25:41 Great idea for an anniversary gift especially since they are bright. They really bring a spring time for an anniversary.

7th Anniversary Flowers charlee 3 stars 2012-03-19 15:13:28 Freesia is so awesome! I highly recommend it for arrangements.

7th Anniversary Flowers Harriet 3 stars 2012-07-17 17:17:59 Oh my! Now I have another reason to travel to the Cape of Good Hope and get some Freesia for me and my darling's 7th year anniversary next year!!! Thanks Avas, kudos!

7th Anniversary Flowers K.N.G 2 stars 2012-08-20 20:04:28 can't waaaaaaaaaaait!!!! yikes!

7th Anniversary Flowers Marty 3 stars 2012-09-06 18:54:05 Because of your flower facts, I suddenly got interested with flowers and they're "romantic" purposes. Can you please do more of these?