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Tuesday August 14th 2018

Flowery essential oils that will help you unwind this National Relaxation Day

With National Relaxation Day coming up tomorrow, we’re giving you the perfect excuse to try some essential oils, which will take R and R to the next level.

I’m sure you’ve heard of aromatherapy before, but have you ever wondered how it actually works? First thing, what is aromatherapy?  It is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being Perhaps you doubt it works at all? It certainly does wonders, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s high time you do.  But before we get down to the gist of this post, here’s a little anatomy lesson that will help convince those hardest to convince.

Aromatherapy starts with the olfactory nerve, responsible for sending sensory information related to smell directly to the brain. The nerve, strategically located deep in your nose, is connected with specific parts of the brain, namely the limbic system and amygdala, which are in charge of our emotions and mood.The two regulate our autonomic nervous system, the one which quickens our breath, increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure when we’re stressed or anxious. The autonomic nervous system also slows the heart rate and relaxes muscle tension.In short, certain smells will stimulate our nervous system - including the parts that are responsible for curbing stress - naturally!

Doesn’t it sound like magic? Check out the list of my favorite floral essential oils that help restore your inner zen.

It’s particularly effective at reducing mild sleeping problems. An evening spent breathing in lavender scent will help loosen up those tense muscles and relieve stress, which is what most of us need after a busy day in the office. It’s one of the least expensive essential oils.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is the flower of a tropical tree called cananga, which is native to Southeast Asia, therefore its odour is more exotic. This oil is known to relieve stress and lift your mood when you’re feeling down as it lowers blood pressure in an instant. It’s sometimes used by therapists working with patients who suffer from depression.


Chamomile is another oil that significantly lowers blood pressure and keeps the nervous system in good balance when used regularly. Relieves stress, convulsions and other hyper-reactions in children and adults.   

Clary sage

Clary sage is actually an herb. Its oil is a powerful stress reliever, one that helps release muscle tension. In addition to those wonderful qualities, it helps keep the hormones in balance, so it’s recommended to anyone who experiences hormonal shifts (yes, this includes menstruating women).  


This is a gorgeous fragrance; one that is a true mood booster. The National Center of Biotechnology Information recently released a study confirming that jasmine essential oil is excellent for fighting anxiety, insomnia, depression and low libido.A hot bath with a few drops of essential oils remains my favorite way to enjoy them. What’s yours?

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Monday August 6th 2018

5 plants your cat will love you for this World Cat Day

It’s World Cat Day! Cat owners take a collective pause to recognize their loved ones — the way they wish they could every day. The day to forgive your cute four-legged friend that wakes you at stupid o’clock for food, simply because he was hungry and just not satisfied with the leftovers in his bowl (I mean, who does that?!). You’ll also forgive his temperament and how he ignores your affection one moment and then begs  for a little belly rub the next.

Of course you will, because you’re a total cat person and you could spend all day rubbing and hugging and squeezing and petting your cutest little ball of fluff. And your cat has won the Cat of the Year title anyway (he actually wins it every day, doesn’t he? ;) ). You could have also spared him the lunch visit to the feline spa, but who doesn’t deserve a little hair trim and manicure every now and then?

I may be laughing just a little, but not at you; at myself. Sometimes I used to go over the top with kitty-cat love before I found out that some plants are natural pet charms. Did you realize that some floral species attract cats because of their pleasant smell? That they make cats happy? That kitties sometimes prefer to lie down next to a fragrant plant instead of your keyboard while you’re typing vigorously because you have a deadline in an hour ?

Here’s a list of plants -- to keep at home or in your garden -- that your cat will love you for. Observe increased rate of rubbing against your legs and belly-rub requests once placed in or near the household. Purr, purr, purr… please don’t mind the occasional bites on leaves and stems though!

  1. Nepeta, or catnip: the unbeatable winner in this category. This plant is rich in nepetalactone, a substance that is a feline pheromone. Most cats are obsessed with this flowering plant and will keep on rubbing, biting and playing with it to release the fragrance.

  2. Actinidia kolomikta: commonly known as variegated-leaf hardy kiwi, this is a gorgeous vine of pink and green leaves. Your cat will love to nap around this green vine because it’s rich in actinidin, which works just like nepetalactone in catnip

  3. Valerian: this perennial herb actually makes some cats go coo-coo once they get a whiff in their nostrils, but what they love most is biting on the roots.

  4. Wheat grass: it’s not only a feline delicacy but also what helps digest those pesky fur balls. Wheat grass is also full of nutrients, which is great news, because a healthy cat is a happy cat.

  5. Spider plant: this one works similarly to catnip, thanks to its beautiful but subtle smell. Just place one in your living room and observe.

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Monday July 23rd 2018

What Plant Does Tequila Come From?

There’s more to know about tequila than if you should have it in shot form or in a yummy margarita. The origin of tequila is a fascinating one that involves the agave plant. While liquors such as whiskey, vodka and scotch are made from plants like wheat, barley or corn; tequila is derived from the agave plant.

The agave plant is a succulent that grows in the desert. This succulent is native to Mexico and is also known as maguey. The easiest way to understand where the agave plant comes from is to know that it is part of the lily family. While there are around 166 different species of agave, the only one that can be used to make tequila is blue agave (or agave tequilana weber azul).  Blue agave, which, when its leaves are sheared, leave a massive pit referred to in Spanish as the “piña,” or pineapple

This specific green succulent that has a tint of blue to it can grow to be around six feet tall. If you are looking for blue agave, you will find in specifically in Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Colima and Nayarit. The best time to plant the blue agave is during Summer months and is harvested during the first half of the year.

Since Tuesday is National Tequila Day, we thought that it would be fun to share some random facts about tequila and agave.

  1. 1. Agave is an asexual plant.

  2. 2. The name agave derives from a Greek word that means ‘noble’ or ‘admirable’.

  3. 3. Blue agave is the only plant of its species that can legally be used to make tequila.

  4. 4. All tequila is mezcal due to the agave plant, but not all mezcal is tequila, due to the fact that tequila can only be specifically made from blue agave.

  5. 5. Blue agave grows well in volcanic soil.

  6. 6. Tequila does not have to be 100% agave to be considered tequila. Legally, tequila only has to be 51% blue agave.

  7. 7. It takes agave five to eight years to mature.

  8. 8. Tequila blanco is only aged 0 to 2 months; tequila reposado is aged 2 to 12 months; tequila anejo is aged 1 to 3 years.

  9. 9. Tequila needs to be twice-distilled before it is ready to consume.

  10. 10. Tequila is made by flattening and steaming large pinas.

So whether you are a tequila connoisseur or a novice, it’s great to know a little bit of history behind tequila and the agave plant.

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Tuesday July 17th 2018

History of Emojis on Emoji Day

In this time of ever-evolving technology, the use of emojis has become second nature to many of us. Through texts and email, tiny pictures of faces and symbols are a key form of communication. While emojis and emoticons are often confused, emojis are their own separate entity and have been around since 1998. We have Shigetaka Kurita to thank for the creation of emojis.

During Kurita’s time working for a Japanese phone company, he wanted to create a quicker form of communication for customers. This is where the origins of emojis come in. “E” in Japanese translates to 'picture' and “Moji” translates to 'character'. Kurita felt that, in some cases, little photos conveyed more emotion than select words. It is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication.

We have evolved from 176 emojis to well over 1,000. Kurita got the idea of creating emojis from things such as bathroom signs, reading different manga and characters from the Chinese language. What’s great about emojis is that there are so many options that not only portray emotion but also the fun display of food or random house items.

Despite Kurita being an economics major, he put his creativity to the test in helping to create emoji images. These pictures were originally created by hand with intentions of having emojis be 12 pixels by 12 pixels in size. While many Japanese phone carriers originally rejected Kurita’s emoji idea, they wanted in once they saw his images. This concept eventually blew up to the point where it grew beyond carriers in Japan and became an international obsession.

Now we have emojis for almost every occasion. We have faces that can portray pretty much any emotion, from happiness to being sick; food items like burritos and yams; clothing items; flags and eight different flowers. I personally like to use emojis whenever possible. If I’m short on time and can’t fully express my point through a text message, I know that there’s usually an emoji that I can count on.

When it comes to flower emojis, the hibiscus is my favorite. It reminds me of Hawai'i and brings back many great memories. And you can't go wrong with any of the food emojis. Shigetaka Kurita probably had no idea that his concept to expand customer communication would eventually turn into such an important part of everyday life and conversation.

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Monday July 9th 2018

The Psychology of Flowers and our Happiness

Can you remember a moment when someone gave you flowers? Or else a moment when you’d given someone else flowers? Do you remember how this made you feel? I personally have never met anyone who isn’t instantly cheered up by a gift of flowers. The sight and smell of flowers bring us instant happiness. The impact of giving or receiving flowers is worth some thought. Being special is the most heavenly experience in the world and when that someone unexpectedly gives you flowers women generally blossom just in the same manner like flower and the glow of happiness can be seen on her face.

Our emotions are so important, and sometimes it’s hard to be in tune with them when we lead such busy lives. Flowers can be an instant mood lifter. Brain chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin are released when you have a positive reaction to flowers. These happy brain chemicals trigger feelings of bonding, excitement and genuine happiness. 

There are many ways in which flowers can bring us joy. I like to bring my mother flowers on random occasions. This spontaneous act makes me feel happy because of how she reacts when I give them to her. It’s a great sign of appreciation for someone who is important to you. I even think it’s great to get yourself flowers. Whether you’re buying flowers for your home, or just to treat yourself, this is a wonderful form of self-care.

The act of giving and receiving isn’t the only way flowers bring us a sense of pleasure. The smell of particular flowers can have quite the euphoric effect on us. Gardenias and jasmine are my personal favorites, specifically because of their aromas. If I’m walking around I’ll instantly stop if I get a whiff of these two scents. What’s great about flowers is that each flower has a distinct fragrance. The fragrance alone can be so likeable that we often find perfumes to wear that reflect our prized favorites. We essentially walk around smelling like our favorite flowers.

I think the best thing about flowers is that you don’t always have to buy them. They grow in nature all around us. We can truly enjoy them almost anywhere. The delight that comes with flowers can easily be achieved for free. Wildflowers can be found on a morning hike or an afternoon walk. Either way, if you asked a random person if flowers make them happy, the answer will most likely be yes.

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Monday July 2nd 2018

Backyard BBQ Decorating Essentials

Since Wednesday is the 4th of July, what better time to have a backyard barbecue? Having a bbq is just one great way to celebrate Independence Day and an even better excuse to decorate. There are many ways you can spice up your backyard for a festive bbq and even throw some flowers into the mix. We feel that any celebration is incomplete without some flowers or greenery dispersed around your home. No matter the size of your backyard, you have multiple options for getting creative for your guests.

The first way to tackle any backyard decor is to find your lighting decorations. String lights work perfectly for backyard decorations because you can leave them up for general adornment. Once you’ve found the perfect set of fairy lights to go with your backyard bbq theme, you could even look into candlelight. Candles can be put into simple glass holders and placed strategically on picnic tables or anywhere that needs some extra light. These decorations are definitely great to have ready once the sun sets and your party is still going.

Once you’ve set up your lighting the next step would be to have themed tableware, including plates, utensils and even creative jars for beverages. You can easily find affordable decor at craft stores or dollar sections of general merchandise stores. Bundling silverware ahead of time for your guests with some fun napkins would also be a great way to embellish your space.

One thing that cannot be forgotten for your party is the food. You can get creative with your menu and have it written down on a chalkboard to greet guests as they walk in. If you have a big enough table, as shown in the photo above, you can have a casual layout of food, family-style. If you want something a little more organized and artistic, a separate table specifically for food would also be a great idea. With this set-up, you can label all food items and have them in cute picnic-style trays. This is also the ideal place to put the jars you got for beverages. You can separate your snacks, main course items and desserts into different sections by using subtly different layouts. This can be accomplished with various colors or designs.

Last, but certainly not least, are the flowers. Flowers complete any party and add all of the cheer. Vibrant Summer flowers are always great for a 4th of July bbq bash. You can check out a list of assorted Summer flowers in our previous post about date nights for some great ideas. There are so many ways to arrange flowers at your party. One way would be to put a couple of alstroemerias, hydrangeas or sunflowers in some mason jars. This can be a simple arrangement and won’t involve too many flowers. These jars can be put on display at any table or anywhere you feel could add to the relaxed atmosphere. It would even be fun to have flowers scattered around or as parting gifts for your friends and family for when they leave.

All of these essentials ensure a festive environment to celebrate the 4th of July with all of your loved ones.

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Monday June 25th 2018

Summer Flowers for Date Night

While date night is not exclusive to just the Summertime, it can be the perfect excuse to take time away from your busy schedule to spend some quality time with your significant other. Date night can always include giving flowers to your special someone. Being Summer, why not give them flowers that thrive during the Summer months? Roses tend to be a common go-to date flower, but there are many options during this time of year that will allow your date to cherish their gift for a longer period of time.

Some flowers that thrive in the Summer include daisies, dahlias, marigolds, peonies, zinnias, shrub roses and hydrangeas. All of these flowers could easily be incorporated into your date night. Not only are they flowers that flourish in the Summer but they could also help nurture the romance during your date.

If your date night is a simple night in with your long-time significant other, why not cook her a creative meal and set the table with some zinnias? Zinnias come in vibrant colors and can add the bright Summer mood to your dinner table. You could even give a bouquet of zinnias to your sweetie and have a nice vase prepared once you’ve surprised your significant other with them.

If you’re about to go on a first date with someone and you aren’t sure what flowers would be just right for the occasion, you could always give your date some daisies. There are various types of daisies like black-eyed susans, shasta daisies or gerberas. Gerberas are a popular purchase and can easily be picked up right before your first date. Either way, any type of daisy would be a nice way to help impress your date and ease those first date jitters.

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous to go with your even more adventurous date night idea why not try hydrangeas, marigolds or peonies. These flowers have a more distinct look to them and can really help you stand out during date night. All three of these blooms are very full-looking flowers with voluminous clusters to them and would be sure to thrill your date.

These Summer flower options are just a few of many ideas to start you off on a great Summer date night. So step away from the roses and give these bunches a try. Who knows, you could have an entire Summer of date nights and try them all!

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Monday June 18th 2018

Pride Month: Flag History and Rainbow Roses DIY

Pride Month is well underway with celebrations scheduled all over the world. Many major cities in the U.S., including San Francisco and New York City, have their main Pride celebrations on the weekend of June 23- 24th. Pride is a time to for everyone to come together and support equality. A key symbol that represents Pride and the LGBT movement is the rainbow flag.

The rainbow flag became a symbol for LGBT in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker. The San Francisco resident intended for each color in the flag to represent something specific. Red, which is generally at the top, represents life. Orange represents healing, yellow represents sunlight, green represents nature, blue represents peace and harmony, and purple represents spirit. When the flag was first created it also included pink for sexuality and turquoise for art, but those colors were later removed  for design purposes. Now the six-colored rainbow flag is a recognizable symbol of the LGBT movement.

Since the rainbow flag is such a huge symbol, rainbow flowers have become very relevant during this time of year. The dye process of creating rainbow roses is really interesting and involves coloring through the stems as opposed to the petals. The best way to create a rainbow effect with roses is to use white roses. With white petals, the different colors of the dye will transfer strongly and can be more clearly distinguished.

All you need to create a DIY rainbow rose are the following items:

  1. 1. White roses

  2. 2. Four different colors of water-soluble dyes
    (preferably those of different contrasts and not colors that easily blend together).

  3. 3. A knife

  4. 4. Four cups

  5. 5. Water

  6. 6. Tape

The steps involved to make rainbow roses are quite simple:

First, take a white rose and cut the stem into four equal parts. Second, set the rose aside while you fill four separate cups with water. Fill each cup of water with a different colored dye until the liquid is opaque. Once you have all the cups set up, gather them together so that you can put each section of the stem in a different cup. Since the rose stem is split into four equal sections, balancing them into four cups should help the rose stand upright. Then all you need to do is let the rose sit and you will see the petals transform from white to a rainbow effect. Once the rose has changed colors (usually after 24 hours), you can piece the end of the stem back together with a little bit of tape. These roses are a great way to share your pride with others, and they put a colorful twist on roses.

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Monday June 11th 2018

Father's Day: Red and White Roses

With Father’s Day quickly approaching on Sunday, June 17th we can’t forget that flowers are a great option to show Dad our appreciation. Did you know that the official flowers for this day are both the red and white rose?

A woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington first initiated Father’s Day in 1909 to celebrate her own father, William Smart. Sonora decided to set Father’s Day in June because that was her father’s birth month. Years later, Calvin Coolidge conveyed his support to make Father’s Day a national holiday. In 1972, the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day every third Sunday of June was established, thanks to Richard Nixon. Father’s Day isn’t only acknowledged in the United States; it is often celebrated in other countries, such as Asia and Canada. Other countries recognize Father’s Day during different times of the year. Belgium and Spain celebrate in March, New Zealand in September and Sweden in November.

Red roses are often worn to honor your father if he is still alive and white roses are worn if your father has passed away. While wearing either rose is a great way to recognize Dad, there are also other ways to incorporate roses while gift-giving for Father’s Day.

Adding a single rose to your father’s gift wrapping would be a simple but meaningful way to make use of roses for this particular holiday. Another way to to show your dad appreciation with roses is to add some petals to breakfast. If you want to go down a home-cooked breakfast route, rose petals are actually edible and would be the perfect decoration to have in his pancakes or morning coffee cake. If your dad is into art why not get him a piece with roses in it? It would be great decor for his office or somewhere around the house.

A final option is simply giving your dad some roses. It doesn’t have to be a full bouquet, but giving your dad flowers would be a choice that he could appreciate, even if it’s not as common as giving your mom flowers for Mother’s Day.

Red and white roses are popular for many occasions. Red roses can represent anything from love to passion. White roses can represent anything from respect to sympathy. Either way, why not include flowers as a way to show your dad that you appreciate him?

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Monday June 4th 2018

Graduation Lei DIY

With most of May and June being graduation season, a really popular way to show your grad how proud you are is to gift them with a lei. Lei-giving is a Hawai’ian tradition that has also become popular for special occasions such as graduations.

The history of handing out leis goes back to when voyagers traveled from Tahiti to Hawai’i in canoes. These voyagers sailed day and night with the stars as their map. When they arrived at the Hawai’ian Islands, these settlers began their tradition of making and giving out leis.

While you can often purchase a pre-made lei from florists, it is also quite simple to make them yourself. If you do not have access to the more exotic flowers used for leis in Hawai’i (such as plumerias or hibiscus), popular flower options for graduation leis include carnations, orchids, daisies or even roses.

A freshwater lei is simple to make and requires these items:

  1. 1. A long needle (embroidery needles work perfectly)

  2. 2. Thin string (i.e., dental floss, ribbon, fishing line, etc.)

  3. 3. Your flower of choice

How to make your own freshwater lei:

First you gather around 40 to 50 flowers of your choice. Since the petals can be delicate you should have them resting in a cooler area on top of a plastic bag. Next, take your thin string and cut off around 30 to 40 inches depending on the preferred length for your grad. Once you’ve cut your string, make sure to knot one end a few times to act as a stopper for when you thread your flowers onto the lei. You will also need to leave some extra string below the knot to connect both ends of your lei. On the other end, tie your string to the needle you have picked out.

Now it’s almost time to start adding flowers to your lei! Before you start to string your flowers, make sure you cut the stems off. Once you’ve done this, you can start stringing each flower onto the lei. Be delicate with your flowers and slowly move them down one by one. Once you’ve added all your flowers, leave a little extra string before your needle and cut off the needle from your lei. Tie together both ends and you have yourself a grad lei!

You can make your grad multiple leis and even mix it up using different colored flowers. It’s really up to you. If you aren’t giving your homemade lei to your grad right away, you can store them loosely in a plastic bag in the vegetable crisper drawer of your fridge.

And there you go! The perfect DIY idea for graduation season. This idea is a great way to incorporate flowers into your grad’s life. This is a time for celebration and gift-giving.

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