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Monday October 8th 2012

Avas Flowers Tulip Coupon Codes

Tulip BouquetIt's Columbus Day and as a way of showing our love for our customers this year, we have decided to offer you 20% off of your next purchase of a beautiful tulip bouquet with Avas Flowers.

The tulip is known for its thick petals and long slender green stems. The flowers come in many colors, such as pink, yellow and white. This creates a number of meanings and uses for them in arrangements.

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Monday October 1st 2012

Avas Flowers Fall Bouquet Coupon Codes

Sunflowers BouquetBoth bright and festive, sunflowers have finally arrived this year to bring in the feel of the wondrous multicolored fall months. These flowers are perfect for celebrating the new season, so make your recipient feel special and appreciated with these gorgeous sunflowers starting at just $19.99!  Whoever heard of such a great deal, especially when it comes to one of the most popular fall flowers; sunflowers?

Select an arrangement from one of these gorgeous Autumn bouquets and apply your Avas Flowers coupon code: AVAJUST4U for an additional 20% off your order!  Act quickly because the code is only valid until Friday, October 5, 2012!

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Wednesday September 12th 2012

Avas Flowers Coupon

Looking to save big with an Avas Flowers coupon? We not only offer the freshest flowers on the market, but have some great deals too! Check out some of our electronic coupons below and save big on your next Avas Flowers® purchase.

Surprise someone close to you with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers and let us help you save you some money at the same time. When making your next Avas Flowers® purchase use these codes and coupons for any flower bouquet, plant, sympathy wreath, or vase arrangement featured on this site.

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Thursday September 6th 2012

Grandfather's Day Flowers

The thing with some holidays is, they're not exactly as popularized as the others. Take the grandparent's day for example. Sure, everyone loves their dear grandfather, but not a lot of people know that there's an actual day when you can celebrate how awesome your grandparents are.  

Grandparent's day is actually a secular holiday in the US, celebrated every year on the first Sunday that follows Labor Day. Generally a celebration of the great contributions that the senior citizens have made throughout history, Grandparent's Day is also another excellent reason to reach out to your old folks. 

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Saturday August 11th 2012

Daisies: The Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Daisy BouquetSay it with flowers, even with no occasion at all.  Daisies are the most perfect flowers for a quick pick-me-up gift for neighbors, friends, family and special people. The bloom is a variety of wildflower coming from the aster family that has long been bringing sunshine in recipients’ lives. It helps that the flower closely resembles the shape of the sun.

History has it that daisies symbolize innocence. Beautiful maidens used to wear them in their silky hair to express liberty from guilt and sin. These flowers also represent loyal love. Long before roses became popular among hopeless romantics, daisies have been delivered to show devotion and intense affection.

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Tuesday August 7th 2012

Tokens of Appreciation on Labor Day

The month of September is one of the most infallible months to give flowers. It marks the transition of summer to fall, therefore making up a climate that fosters dashing parades of floras. Blooms should therefore be in store for those who would want to give out flowers on the first Monday of September, celebrated in America as Labor Day.

While it is not really traditional to give out bouquets on this particular holiday, sending out celebratory flowers could be a way to show appreciation to the hard work of employees and laborers. Posies could also liven up picnics and other family activities on the special day of the high fliers.

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Thursday July 12th 2012

Summer Time Flowers

Summer comes in tune with colorful spectacles of flowers and blooms. This season marks not only a parade ofBright Sunshine Bouquet wet suits and water sports, but also the prevalence of flower arrangements featuring blossoms with astonishingly vibrant colors that you're sure to come across throughout your summer vacation this year at barbeques and other events.

Roses are one of the most popular summertime flowers. They are considered a woody perennial and are omnipresent in the celebration of summer every year. Roses are often combined with ethereally striking lilies. These two flowers blend together to make a stunning sun catcher, especially when placed by a window.

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Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Flowers for Independence Day 4th of July

July 4th, also known as Independence Day, is a spectacle of music, merriment, fun, and excitement typically ending in a beautiful fireworks display that celebrates Red White and Bloomsthe Independence of the United States. Marked by boisterous merrymaking, fireworks displays, delicious barbequed food and light summertime beverages, many Americans choose to celebrate this day of Independence in a variety of unique and interesting ways.

The colors of the flag of the United States are commonly splayed in nearly every state throughout the country during this time, and everything carries on a patriotic theme.  If you’re looking for a great way to display your patriotism in an elegant and subtle approach, you can opt for flower displays and flower arrangements; a more subdued yet classical method of celebrating the independence of this great country that we have all come to love.

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Monday June 4th 2012

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is an American tradition where we spend the day honoring what it means to be a good father.  The holiday dates back to the early twentieth century and was most likely created to contrast the ever popular Mother's Day. 

Sweet Devotion BouquetFrom the influence of father's on children, to the importance of fathers in our society, this June 17th show the man that helped bring you into this world a little appreciation with a thoughtful gift tailored to his liking.

If you're looking for the perfect gift come this Sunday, you have undoubtedly come to the right place. No matter what types of things that your father enjoys, we're sure that we have something that he will love and appreciate.

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Thursday April 19th 2012

FTD Sweet Devotion Bouquet

If you are looking for the perfect arrangement of flowers to surprise your mother with come this Mother's Day, then look no further than the Sweet Devotion Bouquet.  Remind your mother how wonderful she is with our offer for this inexpensive and irresistible Mother's Day arrangement.Sweet Devotion Bouquet

The Sweet Devotion Bouquet creates wonderful wishes for perfect happiness with bright and exquisite blooms that are always guaranteed to be fresh. Lavender roses and stock-matthiola accented with lush greens arranged in a clear glass vase.

Send your mother a beautiful expression of heartfelt sentiments with a gorgeous display of gratitude and affection to recognize the positive contributions that great mothers make to society by raising their children to be upstanding citizens.

Posted by Justin Cerciello in Holiday Flowers