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17 Non-Tradional Bridal Bouquet Idea

Monday October 14th 2013

I've found that there are many brides who have a vision of what they want their bridal bouquet to look like. Some have their heart set on a bouquet featuring a certain type of flower such as a rose or an orchid. I recently worked with a bride who wanted a beautiful arrangement of daisies because that's what her mother carried on her wedding day. Other brides want to go a little 'off the beaten track.' Today, there is no shortage of ideas for a bride who wants a non-traditional bouquet. Vegetables, vintage brooches, crepe paper and sea shells are just a few of the materials that can be used to make a bridal bouquet. Consider these unique and very imaginative ideas.

17 Ideas for Non-Traditional Bouquets

  • Origami Flower Bouquet-This is a do-it-yourself non-traditional bouquet made of origami flowers in a variety of patterns and colors. This bridal bouquet is a real standout!
  • A Colorful, Edible Bouquet-Check out these ideas for a non-traditional bouquet that make use of colorful vegetables including broccoli, carrots, and even artichokes.
  • A Lollipop Creation-Consider this bouquet made of a variety of colorful, oversized lollipops! Your bridesmaids will love it!
  • A Collection of Unusual, Lovely Bouquets-Peruse this gathering of non-traditional bouquets and take a close look at the bridal bouquet made of coffee filters!
  • A Unique Bouquet-This is a creation perfect for a woman who finds beauty in a variety of places. Imagine a bouquet featuring purple artichokes.
  • A Bouquet with an Ocean Theme-An idea and instructions for a bouquet made with seashells!
  • A Bouquet of Delphiniums-A suggestion for a striking flower bouquet for a bride who wants to incorporate some blues into her ceremony and reception.
  • A 'Musical' Bouquet-Look at the steps for making a wedding bouquet with the help of some sheet music.
  • Rustic Wedding Bouquets-For brides who want a wedding ceremony with a rustic theme, a bouquet made of lavender or cotton are two appealing options.
  • A Feathered Bouquet-Step by step instructions for making a colorful feathered bouquet.
  • Crepe Paper Flowers-A simple idea for a wedding bouquet that involves brightly colored crepe paper, floral tape, scissors and some floral wire.
  • Scented Bouquets-Browse through this collection of ideas for wedding bouquets made of herbs. The herbs have a variety of significant meanings.
  • Brooches, Jewels and More-Look at these beautiful wedding bouquets crafted with jewels, vintage brooches, buttons, pine cones and more!
  • A Berry Bouquet-A colorful bouquet made of berries is just one of the many creative ideas on this page.
  • A Wheat Bouquet-This is a simple, rustic creation made with long stalks of wheat and secured with ribbon.
  • Fruit and Veggie Bouquets-If you love lettuce, peppers as well as other fruits and vegetables, you'll appreciate these flavorful ideas.
  • A Bouquet for a Wedding at the Beach-Learn how to make a cascading bouquet that is perfect for a wedding ceremony held at the beach or a reception with a beach theme.

...And those are just a sampling of the non-traditional bouquet ideas that are available. Now, take that creative inspiration and let your imagination run wild! Cheers!-Sophie

Posted by Sophie Pierce in Wedding Tips
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