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Friday November 6th 2015

November's Birthflower: The Colorful Chrysanthemum

Photo via http://ow.ly/UkNi9

If you have a birthday coming up sometime this month, don't be surprised if a friend gives you a gathering of colorful chrysanthemums. The chrysanthemum, or "mum," is the official birth flower of November! These flowers are a familiar sight on front porches and in window boxes all over the country at this time of year. Personally, I like to put a large pot of decorative mums on my front steps every autumn. They never fail to light up my day. So I thought I'd use my post this week to celebrate the chrysanthemum. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday October 28th 2015

How To Keep Your Houseplants Clean And Extend Their Lifespan

Photo via http://ow.ly/UfSkv

I'm the first one to admire a unique houseplant with colorful leaves or flowers. I love to see the striking pink blossoms of a Christmas cactus, and I can never resist touching the soft leaves of a purple passion plant. But houseplants do a lot more than bring beauty into our homes. For one, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Also, houseplants absorb airborne bacteria that reduce the quality of the air we breathe. Plus, a flourishing plant in a home or office can go a long way toward lifting a person's mood. Considering all of the wonderful things that houseplants do for us, I believe we owe them the best possible care. Along with giving them adequate water and sunlight, houseplants need to be kept clean. Today, I thought I'd share some simple ways to clean houseplants so you can enjoy them in your home for years to come.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Tuesday October 20th 2015

9 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Pumpkins

As I walked my dog Basil through my neighborhood a few days ago, I couldn't help but notice all of the pumpkins perched on porches and window sills. I love to see the scary, funny, sad faces of pumpkins staring down at me. I even saw a pumpkin carved to look like a frightened cat. Seeing all of those pumpkins in my neighborhood made me want to know more about them; Here are nine facts I found that you may not know about pumpkins. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Tuesday October 13th 2015

Marigolds: The Magnificent Birth Flower Of October

Photo via http://ow.ly/TljCE

Marigolds are the official flower of October! I can't think of a better bloom to represent a month full of startling colors. These flowers are not interested in being subtle. They display brilliant color and have a fragrance that can't be ignored. Growing marigolds is an easy way to add another dose of cheerful color to your window box, porch, balcony, or garden. This week, we take a closer look at the lovely flower of October.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Tuesday October 6th 2015

What To Plant In Fall, To Enjoy In Spring

Photo via http://ow.ly/T52lX

When I think of planting, I immediately visualize myself working in my garden with the warm spring breezes blowing all around me. But it turns out that autumn is also a great time for planting. One of the best things about planting in the fall is it helps stir up excitement about the vegetables and flowers you'll be seeing in the springtime. This week, I thought I'd share some of the benefits of planting in the fall as well as give you some ideas about what to plant. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Monday September 28th 2015

You'll 'Fall' In Love With These Seasonal Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Photo via Flickr(calliope)

I love to see the enchanting bouquets brides come up with for an autumn wedding celebration. The fall colors of bright red, orange, yellow, and burgundy contribute to the beauty of both the wedding ceremony and reception. This week's post is all about incorporating a variety of rich fall colors into a wedding bouquet. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in Wedding Flowers
Friday September 18th 2015

7 Ways To Prep Your Outdoor Space For Winter

Photo via http://ow.ly/SxhYl

Though summer is drawing to a close, your garden and yard still need attention. In fact, taking a few steps now can help your outdoor space to be ready when springtime rolls around again. So this week, I thought I'd look at some of the ways you can prepare your outdoor space for winter. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Friday September 11th 2015

What does the Autumn Equinox Mean For The Earth?

Photo via http://ow.ly/S5SgF

Take one look around and you can see the fall season creeping in. Each day, I walk out of my home to find that a few more leaves on my favorite tree have turned reddish-orange. Around this time of year, people start talking about the autumnal equinox. It occurs on September 23rd this year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is when the sun shines directly on the equator, making day and night equal in duration for a short period of time. The autumnal equinox affects the earth and humans in many ways. Here are a few examples.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Friday September 4th 2015

September's Birth Flower: The Adorable Aster

Photo via http://ow.ly/RO03q

Did you know that the aster is September's birth flower? When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Asters are so colorful and fragrant that they are an ideal symbol for a month that opens the door to a swirl of vibrant autumn color. When I see asters starting to appear around my neighborhood, I think of them as the perfect finishing touch to a warm, memorable summer. So I thought I'd use this week's post to take a closer look at this hardy, beautiful bloom. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday August 26th 2015

11 Ways To Extend Your Growing Season Into Fall

Shown is a Cold Frame. Photo via http://ow.ly/RpTPZ

As summer draws to a close, I try to spend every spare moment in my garden. Do you find yourself wishing your garden would continue to flourish right on into the cold-weather months? Well, wish no more! I did some research and found several things you can do to extend the life of your garden. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General