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Tuesday February 9th 2016

Air Plants: The Latest Trend In Houseplants

Photo via http://ow.ly/YoIaE

When you think of the typical houseplant, you may picture a light green fern with dozens of dangling fronds. Or perhaps you envision a colorful African violet flourishing in a small container on your coffee table. But for your next houseplant, why not go with an unconventional option? Tillandsdia, also known as air plants, are growing in popularity with people who want attractive houseplants that require very little attention. This week's post is all about air plants, how to care for them, and how they can add interest to any room in a home.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Thursday February 4th 2016

February's Birthflowers: The Vivacious Violet & The Pristine Primrose

Photo via dichohecho (Flickr)

The short month of February has two beautiful birth flowers: the violet and the primrose. This pair of delicate flowers serves as a reminder to me that spring will be arriving soon. Each February, I like to throw a "soon-to-be-spring party" for my friends. I always put a purple tablecloth on my dining room table along with several vases of violets. They give a springy feel to my entire apartment. So for my blog this week, I did a little research to learn more about these two February blooms. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Thursday January 28th 2016

The Life Of A Dormant Plant In The Winter

Photo via D. de Haan (Flickr)

As I look around my snowy neighborhood, I see a lot of trees and plants that have gone dormant. As temperatures start to drop, these plants go into a kind of deep sleep so they can survive through the cold-weather months. Like many of us, these trees and plants are waiting for winter to pass so they can become more active! This week, I thought I'd take a closer look at dormant plants in the wintertime.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday January 20th 2016

How To Naturally Protect Against The Cold And Flu

Photo via Flickr (sammyjayjay)

Last week, I had a bad cold that had me coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose for several days. I don't know about you, but I usually get at least three colds during the winter. As I rested in bed last week, I started to wonder what I could do to avoid getting so many colds or even avoid the flu. So I decided to look into how I could strengthen my immune system, and here's what I found. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday January 13th 2016

What Does El Nino Mean for the 2016 Winter Season?

Photo via http://ow.ly/X1sVX

When you hear meteorologists on television mention El Nino, do you have a clear picture of what they're talking about? El Ninos have been occurring for years, but many people don't know what they are or what causes them. I thought I'd use this week's post to take a closer look at this climate phenomenon that can affect weather conditions throughout the world.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday January 6th 2016

January's Birthflower: The Charismatic Carnation

Photo via http://ow.ly/WI2yw

The carnation is the official flower of the month of January. Carnations are colorful flowers that are seen and worn on a variety of occasions. They are long-lasting blooms that can stay fresh in a vase for up to two weeks! Today, I thought I'd take a closer look at this charismatic bloom known as the "flower of the gods." Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday December 30th 2015

Eat Healthy All Winter Long With Your Own Indoor Garden

Photo via http://ow.ly/WHYTW

With the snow falling and temperatures dropping, you may already be dreaming about your spring vegetable garden. But why should you wait until spring to enjoy homegrown vegetables? You can create an indoor garden that provides healthful herbs and veggies for you to enjoy throughout the winter months. This week's post will help you on your way to creating a beautiful indoor garden.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Tuesday December 22nd 2015

Every Flower Is A Gift, But What Is The Meaning Behind It?

Photo via http://ow.ly/Wfa4j

A gift of flowers is always a welcome surprise, especially around Christmastime. A few days ago, I received a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums from my best friend. The gift was all the more special to me because chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and good cheer, so my best friend chose a gathering of flowers that really touched my heart. Did you know that most flowers have a special meaning attached to them? Consider some meaningful flowers that would make a great gift for a friend or loved one around the holiday season.

Posted by Ava Rose in General
Wednesday December 16th 2015

How To Choose The Best Christmas Tree To Rock Around

Photo via http://ow.ly/VZ7ls

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is drive out to a local tree farm with friends and choose my Christmas tree. I love seeing all of the families walking through the fields to find a lovely tree for their home. As a kid, my family always chose a Scotch pine. I've continued that tradition, and I always seem to find one that fits perfectly into my living room. This week, I thought I'd take a look at the different types of Christmas trees as well as how to care for them. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in Holiday Flowers
Tuesday December 8th 2015

December's Birthflower: The Festive Poinsettia

Photo via http://ow.ly/VD3rp

When poinsettias start to appear in windows all around my neighborhood, I know that the holiday season is in full gear. A bright red poinsettia wrapped in gold or silver ribbon is a must-have for people who love to decorate their homes and businesses in December. So I thought I'd use this week's post to take a more in-depth look at this distinctive plant that seems to be just about everywhere this time of year. Enjoy!

Posted by Ava Rose in Anniversary Flowers