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Tuesday December 16th 2014

Tips for Decorating With Poinsettias

Photo via: Alby Headrick (Flickr)

Decorating a home with poinsettias during Christmas is a tried-and-true way to celebrate the holidays and honor tradition. To spruce up your holiday space, there are many unique ways to use poinsettias and help you to stand out from the rest of the holiday crowd. Consider the natural look of poinsettias and the different colors they can grow in for inspiration on how to tie them into your home décor. Find new ways to incorporate them into ornaments on trees and in living areas. Use them to beautify the exterior of your home and turn it into a classic piece of Winter Wonderland.

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Tuesday December 9th 2014

11 Tips for Decorating With Fresh Flowers

Flowers provide a bit of nature and a lot of cheer to any home. Scientific studies have shown that flowers can provide peace, relaxation, energy, and health to those who view them, while taking away anxiety and worry. Flowers are also a way to give a space a new look for the season without making permanent and costly changes. A flower arrangement serves as a lovely welcome to any guest when used in a public place in the home. When you decorate with flowers, you give a gift to all who see them.

Choosing Flower Color

Photo via: Julie (Flickr)

There are no wrong flowers or colors; however, there are some tips you can follow for the best displays. Flowers that are all the same color or varying shades of the same color are quite popular right now. To give monochrome arrangements more interest, use flowers with contrasting textures. Bright, multi-colored bouquets easily draw attention to themselves without worrying about texture.

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Wednesday December 3rd 2014

9 Houseplants That Will Purify Your Home's Air

Are you interested in obtaining inexpensive, solar-powered air purifiers for your home? Look no further than your favorite florist or plant nursery. Research done by NASA has proven that some houseplants are powerful air cleaners; certain plants can clean up to as much as 87% of pollutants from the air within a day. Using one plant per one hundred square feet is all that is needed to cleanse indoor air of toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, ammonia, and toluene. These chemicals are emitted into the air from household cleaners, paints, varnishes, plastics, building materials, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, aerosol sprays, and other common items in the household. New construction is even more likely to hold these pollutants, contributing to a phenomenon called sick building syndrome. These pollutants can cause allergies, headaches, eye irritation, and cancer in humans. Since we spend 70% to 90% of our time indoors it is important that air quality is top notch. Plants are a beautiful, inexpensive way to do this. Here are some of the best easy-to-grow plants that are also powerful air purifiers.

Peace lily, Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum

Photo via: Dick Culbert (Flickr)

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Tuesday November 25th 2014

Perfect Flowers For Celebrating Thanksgiving

Photo via: julie (Flickr)

All around the world throughout history, different civilizations have had festivals of thanksgiving, generally revolving around the harvest which often occurred in fall. The first Thanksgiving in the United States in 1621 was also a type of festival celebrating the harvest and took place between September 21 and November 11. It is not surprising then that the most popular Thanksgiving flowers tend to be traditional fall flowers, or flowers that feature fall colors, and bloom at the same time as the harvest. One thing is certain about the different thanksgivings through time and cultures: they always have been a time to celebrate with friends and family.

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Tuesday November 18th 2014

Beautiful Flowers Made In Frost

Photo via U.S. Department of Agriculture (Flickr)

You may think that all of the flowers have gone with winter's approach, but I am happy to say you are wrong. If you like the magical icy scenery in the animated fairy tale Frozen, then you will love frost flowers. When I first heard of frost flowers, I thought that they were the intricate frost patterns made on a window pane or the amazing shapes of snowflakes. Actually, they are unusual botanical phenomena that occur this time of year in the areas that are getting ready for winter. Some frost flowers resemble delicate ribbons of white ice curled into petal-like formations, while others look like strands of hair or needles. In fact, some other names for frost flowers are "ice ribbons" and "hair ice." Frost flowers may have many names, but all are rare and fleeting beauties.

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Wednesday November 12th 2014

6 Famous Movie Flowers

Whether it is on your dining room table or on the silver screen, flowers steal the show. Some of the most memorable scenes from movies are those with flowers. It isn't surprising really -- flowers communicate so much more than words in a way that is hard to forget. Chances are one of your favorite movies features flowers that are hard at work conveying meaning and creating ambiance. Let's take a look at some of the most famous flowers from movies.

Poppies in The Wizard of Oz

Photo via Tony Hisgett (Flickr)

Who could forget the scene from The Wizard of Oz film in which Dorothy and her friends fall asleep in a field of scarlet poppies? Dorothy and her group cross through the blazing field in order to reach the Emerald City. They are not aware that the lovely flowers are cursed. The magical flowers smell wonderful and cause anyone who smells them for long to fall into an eternal sleep. The field is an obstacle to slow the group down, possibly for good. In the film, only intervention from Glenda the Good Witch in the form of snow breaks the powers of the poppy. However, in the book by L. Frank Baum, it is the Tin Man and the Scarecrow who save Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly lion. In reality, poppy seeds are used to make the drugs opium, heroin, and morphine which are depressants and induce sleepiness among other things.

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Monday November 3rd 2014

Communication Through Floriography

Throughout time, flowers have been a way to say what words just could not. This probably comes as no surprise to you, since flowers are still a popular way to convey feelings to the one you love. The Victorian era was a time when floriography, or the language of flowers, reached its height. In a time where speaking openly of emotions could be seen as inappropriate, speaking with flowers was a secret language in which lovers could communicate. Each flower had a different meaning, and on top of that, the color of the flower and the way the flower was given also affected the meaning. For example, if the flowers were given upside-down, they had a negative meaning. Problems could occur if giver and sender used different flower dictionaries. Today, when words fail you, you can still rely on the old-fashioned art of floriography to express your feelings.

Image via Carnie Lewis (Flickr)

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Wednesday October 29th 2014

The Best Flowers For Halloween

With Halloween approaching, why not celebrate the season by decorating with Halloween flowers? For those of you who prefer to decorate in a more autumnal manner, using Halloween colors and fall accessories are both great ways to celebrate Halloween. For those looking to scare the pants off of guests, I have a few ideas for you as well. I also have a list of some naturally spooky and bizarre flowers that any Halloween lover will appreciate. Using floral centerpieces and bouquets to decorate for Halloween is a wonderful way to showcase your creative talents and add a natural touch to your home.

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Tuesday October 21st 2014

7 Delicious Apple Recipes For Fall

Photo via Brendan Riley (Flickr)

What do you think of when you think of fall? Beautiful orange and red leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, and Halloween? Personally, I can't think of fall without thinking about warm, delicious apple recipes. There is nothing like taking a trip to an apple orchard to pick your own apples for homemade treats the whole family will enjoy. With so many apple recipes out there, it can be hard to decide which ones to make. Never fear: I have searched out and found seven of the best apple recipes. The only work you have to do now is the cooking!

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Wednesday October 15th 2014

A Little Shop of Horrors Guide to Plant Care and Maintenance

Perhaps the most famous plant of all time is Audrey II, the man-eating plant from the musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors. In the musical, the bizarre Audrey II falls to earth from outer space and is cared for by Seymour at a florist's shop. Seymour discovers that Audrey II is not like other plants: Instead of fertilizer, she requires human flesh and blood to thrive. Most of us watch Little Shop of Horrors for its entertainment value; however, beneath the laughter, singing, and gore, you can learn the basics of indoor plant care and maintenance.

Photo via Sam Lavy (Flickr)

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